What's new in AskiaField 5.4.6?

What's new in AskiaField 5.4.6?


What's new in Askiafield 5.4.6?


With the Agile developement cycle, we implement features in a faster way. Here what is available in 5.4.6:





1 - Web Interviews management

The management of web interviews (DoPanel and DoExternalPanel) has been reviewed and improved with these new features:


1-A/ Restart a completed interview

In 5.4.6, you have the ability to reset the "completed" state of a DoPanel or DoExternalPanel interview.

  • Have a completed Interview.
  • Go to modify interview ,of that interview.
  • Untick the 'Completed' checkbox.
  • The interview can be restarted on WEB by using the panel link.


Now, your respondent can use the same link and  can be restarted on WEB, from the beginning with all the registered answers.



1-B/ Start a web interview anywhere

It is possible to start an interview (new or already started) from any question. This feature is available on different places:


A - WEB ONLY: Contextual menu on survey> Web

On this contextual menu, you will be able to start a new or a test interview from any position. 

Start Interview From... (or Test interview From...) will display the questionnaire tree:

Select your question then press "OK" and automatically an interview will be started on your browser at the position indicated:


On web side, it will generate a link with an extra parameter: &FromQuestion=[shortcut]


B - WEB ONLY: Contextual menu on DoPanel list > Find Edit contacts > Web

From the list, you have the ability to start an incomplete interview (DoPanel only), from any position:


Same as above: the question selection window will appear and let you select the question you want to start or restart the interview.


C - WEB and CATI: Contextual menu on "Modify Interview"

Select the option "Resume Web/Cati interview here" is available on interview side. On this level, you can only set it on question with data. Set only a backward position is possible. 







2 - Two new DoPanel links 

You can have two new keywords available (in addition of [ccaDoPanelLink]) in your mail template allowing you to use encrypted or prettified links. Check this article for the URL encrypting and prettyfying configuration.

For the record, [ccaDoPanelLink] keyword automatically generate a standard DoPanel link like this:

From 5.4.6, you can use:

[ccaDoPanelPrettyLink] that will generate a DoPanel link like this:

[ccaDoPanelEncryptedLink] that will generate a DoPanel link like this:






3 - Bounced mails

The bounced mail function has been improved with two new settings.

3-A/ customised settings for hard and soft bounced

 In Cca settings > Lists, you can select the DSN results, seperate by a semicolon, you want to set as hard bounced mail:

You can add or remove results codes from this default list. 

Default hard bounced (DSN result):
5.1.x (address status)
5.2.1 (mailbox status - mailbox disabled)
5.3.3 (mail system status - system not capable of selected features)
5.3.4 (mail system status - message too big)
5.5.x (mail delivery protocol status)
5.6.x (message content or media status)
5.7.x (security status)

Default soft bounced (DSN result):
0.0.0 (no DSN detected)
5.0.x (other)
5.2.x (mailbox status)
Except for 5.2.1 (see above)
5.3.x (mail system status)
Except for 5.3.3 & 5.3.4 (see above)
5.4.x (network or routing status)


3-B/ Retry Attempts

You have the ability, on general Bounced settings or on sample list customised bounced settings, to set 1 or more attempts to retry to send a email that was classified as soft bounced mail the first time. For this, just enter a hour when clicking on < Click to add an attempt...> at the bottom of the bounced settings dialog:

As indicated, the system will re-send the email classified as soft bounced in the number of attempts set while respecting the delay since the original email has been sent the first time (in hours). 






4 - Modify Interview

 There are some new features into the modify Interviews window > Select visible questions.

4-A/ Selection by type of questions:

3 icons allows you to select automatically the type of question you want to check/modify:

 : Select all closed questions (single and multiple) from the survey

 :  Select all open-ended questions from the survey

   Select all numeric questions from the survey


4-B/ Library of selection of questions:

You have the ability to save a selection of questions you want to check and use it later, at each time you need to check interviews.

For this, once your selection is done (questions you want to check on right panel of the slection window), just click on the  save icon adn select the path where you want to store your file.

That will create a txt file that will contain the shortcut of the questions you need to check on a regular basis:

That also means you're allowed to prepare the verification file before the fieldwork by adding the shortcuts of the wanted questions. And, obvioulsy, you can share this file with other supervisors. 

Once your file is created, you only need to  open it from the "select visible questions" window. And your selection of questions will be automatically set.






5 - New API authentication method : permanent token

Instead of logging in to the API via login + password + module, we added a token generation feature to let you fine-tune access control.


  1. First, from the Modules view, "allow permanent tokens" to the modules you wish which module should benefit from that feature.token1.png
  2. Then, navigate to the Authentication Tokens view and click "Add"
  3. Put in a description for the token and select the "Agent". Logging in with that token will then be equivalent to logging in with that user's credentials. The user will benefit from the same restrictions, regardless of their authentication method.
  4. Select the module to which this token will grant access to.
  5. Make sure to set an expiration date if needed. Once this date is expired, access will be revoked.
  6. You can then read and use the token contained in the first column.





6 - Enhancement to the Feedback module

You can now add an email address when reporting with the feedback module, thus allowing the survey scripter to contact the person filing the feedback when the issue is corrected


    • The Email address is not mandatory.
    • A new field is created in database: EmailAddress.







7 - Monitoring API

A simple way to view the status of the Cca (also if it runs as a service) through a monitoring API.
Monitoring format: Ip:Port/Command. (Example: Please note the command name is case sensitive. So process will not work while Process will.


Possible commands:


Information about the cca process that is currently running.

Modules :
Information about the current dll uses.

Modules/Process.exe (example: Cca.exe) :
Information about the process.exe.

Threads?timeout_idle=0 :
Information about the current idle threads in cca.

Info :
A list of general settings that could be useful.

A Cca setting has been added to provide the port and possibility to access this information from another machine.
(Default setting: Can only be accessed from localhost)


  • This monitoring tool does not use a login so it can be easily accessed if something is wrong.
  • The commands are case sensitive.
  • This feature is part of a bigger Wishlist item.





8 - Restrictions

New Restrictions have been added to restrict the creation / change and deletion of Speech jobs and Keyword groups.




9 - Multi lingual capabilities

Tasks will now have a default language option. This language will be used as an indicator for the speech service.

  • Survey: The settings can be found in Askia Design / Edit (Toolbar) / Languages.


  • CTScript: The language can be found in CTDesign / Multi-language.


  • VBScript: The language can be set in the Cca/Supervisor task properties.




10 - Added an Id Column in the management restrictions properties






11 - Uniformisation of result codes (Cca/Supervisor/APÏ)

  • The same result codes / error codes are used in CCA/Supervisor/API
  • For the CcaWebApi, if the StatusCode is no success StatusCode, the response will look like this. The 'Error' token is most of the time empty, but can also contain information about the specific error that occurred:

"Request": {
"Method": "GET",
"Url": "http://localhost/CcaWebApi/agents"
"Version": "",
"StatusCode": 401,
"Response": {
"ResultCode": 102,
"Error": ""

  • This is the list of new result codes:


Description Code
Success 0
Pending 1
SuccessListRunning 3
Failed 100
UnknownError 101
UnknownToken 102
UnknownObject 103
ObjectNotReady 104
ObjectInUse 105
DatabaseError 106
InvalidXml 107
AlreadyLoggedIn 108
AlreadyExists 109
IncompatibleData 110
AccessDenied 111
NotAllowed 112
BadCrc 113
InvalidArgs 114
InvalidOperation 115
OperationAborted 116
NoDataAvailable 117
NoCTArchitect 118
NoSpeechService 119
NoAgentMonitoringService 120
AgentNotReachable 121
NoLicense 122
FileNotFound 123
TaskNoDefaultWorkingDir 200
TaskReloadTemporaryBlocked 201
SurveyUnknownQuestion 202
SurveyUnknownResource 203
SurveyWebConnectionOffline 204
SurveyUpdateFailed 205
TaskUpdateCompatibilityWarnings 206
WebProdInternalError 290
WebProdSurveyAlreadyOnline 291
WebProdInvalidName 292
WebProdDuplicateName 293
WebProdNoFreePosition 294
WebProdUnknownSurvey 295
ListTargetNotCompatible 300
ReportInvalidFieldtype 401
ReportInvalidFilter 402
ReportErrorRetrievingFile 403
ReportInvalidFormula 404
ReportAbortedBySystem 405
ReportErrorRetrievingDatabaseName 406
ReportConnectionFailed 407
ReportEngineError 408
LockTimeout 501
AlreadyLocked 502
NotLocked 503
UpdateFailedNameAlreadyUsed 601
UpdateFailedNTAccountAlreadyUsed 602
UpdateFailedInternalNumberAlreadyUsed 603
UpdateFailedDIDAlreadyUsed 604
ListenInCallAnswered 700
ListenInRinging 701
ListenInNoRing 702
ListenInBusy 703
ListenInNoAnswer 704
ListenInNoFreeChannel 705
ListenInNetworkProblem 706
ListenInLocationNotFound 707
ListenInNoAgentFound 708
ListenInPickUpTelephone 710
ListenInNoActiveCallFound 711
ListenInNoActiveConversationFound 712
ListenInTapiError 713
ListenInActiveConversationInConference 714
ListenInCallEnd 715
QuotaNotReceived 801
QuotaQuestionNotFound 802
QuotaResponseNotFound 803
QuotaTokenNotFound 804
QuotaAgentNotFound 805
QuotaBrokerNotFound 806
QuotaQuestionNotAllowed 807
QuotaInvalidToken 808
QuotaLockFailed 810
QuotaAvailabilityGetFailed 811
QuotaSetFaceAllocationForQuestionNotAllowed 812
QuotaSetWebAllocationForQuestionNotAllowed 813
ManualDialRinging 901
ManualDialNoRing 902
ManualDialBusy 903
ManualDialNoAnswer 904
ManualDialNoFreeChannel 905
ManualDialNetworkProblem 906
ManualDialTapiError 907
ManualDialAgentDisconnectedBeforeConnection 908
ManualDialAgentNotLoggedIn 909
ManualDialAgentInCall 910
ManualDialNoVoiceResources 911
ManualDialWrongNumber 912
ManualDialMaxNumberOfCallsExceeded 913
NoCcaConnection 10000
CacheLoading 10001
CcaTimeout 10002




   12 - Send Next Email 


On find/edit contact menu, we have added the ability to send the next email on a specific contact or a group of contacts. That allows you:

- To send invitation email on selected contact (if no invitation email has been previoulsy sent)

- To send Reminder email on selected contact (if invitation or reminder have been previoulsy sent) 

To achieve this, open the find/edit contact dialog, select your wanted contact > right click > Web > Send Next email.


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