5.4: CAWI Survey feedback

5.4: CAWI Survey feedback

Summary This article explains how to use the new feature Survey Feedback
Applies to askiasupervisor
Written for Scriptwriters and survey authors
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In 5.4.4, we have implemented the survey feedback option on web surveys. It allows a tester (or even a respondent) of a web interview to report various problems encountered during the progress of the interview.

This option is set on Task properties:




You have 3 choices:

  • Never
  • Only test interviews
  • All interviews


This will activate/deactivate a new button, visible in the right bottom corner of web interviews, and present on all screens of the survey:




This button will show a popup where you can specify the type of feedback wanted:

  • Typo
  • Problem with layout
  • Suggestion
  • Other



After choosing the type and a description (if needed) you continue to a new smaller window where you can highlight or blackout parts of the screen.



Highlight :blobid4.png 



You can use both features on the same screen:



Once done, click on  and move to the next screen.

 The feedback information will be stored on Statistics SQL database, in Statistic_SurveyFeedback table. The information will be available through a tool linked on API.




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