5.4: Survey feedback reader tool

5.4: Survey feedback reader tool

Summary This article explains how to use the survey feedback tool
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Written for Scriptwriters and survey authors
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Survey feedback has been implemented in 5.4.4. It allows a tester or a respondent to send feedback from webInterviews. We have a tool which allows to read feedbacks from selected surveys. 

There is two versions of the tool:

1 tool for Cca 5.4.4: DemoFeedbackAPI v2.2. Please configure your web.config file for ccaAPI to allow TCP as below.

1 tool for Cca 5.4.6 and above: DemoFeebackAPI V3. It uses by default the TCP link (as, starting from 5.4.6,  the web.config file is generated with TCP bindings)



  • Cca 5.4.X
  • CcaAPI 5.4.X




First thing to do is to create a new API module, named "dev", on supervisor:


Then associate this module to the supervisor restriction you want to use:





On the Server where the ccaAPI is installed, you need to enable the TCP connection.

1/ Add the net.tcp binding on the server:

  • IIS manager > Click on server > default Web site
  • Click on "Bindings..." on the right side
  • Verify whether there is a net.tcp type listed. If that's not the case, then add it.


2/ Add the net.tcp protocol for the website:

  • Click on the website on the left side
  • Click on "Advanced Settings…" on the right side
  • Verify if ‘net.tcp' is listed in the "Enabled protocols". If it isn't, add it (list is comma separated)



3/ Add TCP endoints for CcaAPI


A - Make a backup copy and then open the web.config file located in the CcaAPI root directory (something like C:\inetpub\wwwroot\ccaAPI)


B - Look for the <bindings> section, and add this at the end (so just before the </bindings>)

<binding name="TheTcpBinding" sendTimeout="00:01:00">
<security mode="None" />


C - Then, look for the first <service> section inside the parent <services> section, and add this at the end (so just before </service>):

<endpoint behaviorConfiguration="" binding="netTcpBinding" bindingConfiguration="TheTcpBinding" name="Service.TCP" contract="CcaAPI.Interfaces.IService">
<dns value="localhost" />
<endpoint behaviorConfiguration="" binding="netTcpBinding" bindingConfiguration="TheTcpBinding" name="Objects.TCP" contract="CcaAPI.Interfaces.IDuplexCcaObjects">
<dns value="localhost" />
<endpoint behaviorConfiguration="" binding="netTcpBinding" bindingConfiguration="TheTcpBinding" name="Reports.TCP" contract="CcaAPI.Interfaces.ICcaReports">
<dns value="localhost" />
<endpoint behaviorConfiguration="" binding="netTcpBinding" bindingConfiguration="TheTcpBinding" name="Quota.TCP" contract="CcaAPI.Interfaces.IDuplexCcaQuota">
<dns value="localhost" />


D- Save the file

 You can find attached to this article a web.config file, 5.4.4 compatible where you just need to modify the 5th line of the file and enter your external server address:

<add key="ExternalCcaIPAddress" value="XXX" />




 Start the DemoFeedbackAPI.exe:


  • API reference: IP address of your CcaAPI (the IP address muse use the net.tcp protocol (and not the http one. For example, if you start the demofeedback tool on the server where the Cca API is installed: net.tcp://localhost/CcaAPI/CcaAPI.Service.svc)
  • API Module: dev
  • API Username: Supervisor login with dev module available
  • API password: Supervisor password

Once filled, click on connect and select the wanted survey into the drop down menu:



Click on "Find feedback" button. A list of all feedbacks made appears:


Select the feedback wanted and you will see a screenshot from the screen where the feedback was done and interview information:






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