5.4: Restrictions and Modules

5.4: Restrictions and Modules


Big changes have been made on restrictions feature, starting with 5.4.3. We brought a new feature named "Module", mainly to manage the API stuff.

In previous versions, the restrictions work roughly like this:

  • All users are allowed to log in with Cati, AskiaFace, Kodim, …
  • Users can only log in with Supervisor if 'allow supervisor module' is enabled
    If this is the case, you can configure permissions per CCA object
  • To be able to use the API, users need to have both 'allow supervisor' and 'allow API login' enabled

This has the following drawbacks:

  • It's impossible to prevent logging in on client applications
  • If a user needs API access, he always will have Supervisor access
  • It isn't possible to differentiate API logins

Because of this the new modules feature is introduced and allows:

  • Changes in restriction properties window
  • Creation and use ability of custom modules



To check which module can be used within a specific restriction, open first its restriction properties. You can see a new tab, named "Modules" (along with "Agent" and "Management" tabs). 

  • Agent Modules (Modules that can be logged into with an agent restriction)
    • AskiaFace (for AskiaFace Windows and tablets - Default)
    • Cati (Default)
    • Kodim (Default)
  • Management modules (Modules that require a management restriction to login)
    • CcaPortal (Default)
    • RecordingManagmentTool (Default)
    • Supervisor (Default)
    • Customer created Module (see creating a module)

Tick or untick to allow or not the usage of a specific module for this restriction.



The "Agent" tab is now a combination of the Cati / Capi / Coding and pause restrictions:






  • Old Supervisor restriction changed to management tab, now useable for all Management modules
  • 'Supervisor only' options are grouped
  • Rename of "Enable FTP Functionality"



You may need to create a new API module.

  • A management restriction can prevent actions in this window
  • When logging in using the API, you'll need to specify the module
  • Future dashboards or applications will receive a hardcoded module name that can be linked here. (Create a new module with the hardcoded name)

To create a new module, go to Ribbon > Extra > Modules:


 Add a new module

  • Unique name different from the default names
  • "Allow multiple sessions per user"



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