What's New in Askiafield 5.5.2?

What's New in Askiafield 5.5.2?



Please note that Kodim is no longer part of Askiafield starting from this version. A partnership has been set with Digital Taxonomy about CodeIt solution. Please contact for further information.

If you're skipping a few Askiafield versions, please don't forget to read the various "What's New" pages:

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1/  Default quota Settings

Now, you can define your default quota settings as you wish. This option is available in the supervisor ribbon > Extra > Defaults > Survey.

A new tab "Quota" is part of the default survey properties, where you can select the options you want to apply to any new survey.


You can set the default values for:

      • Quota check during interview
      • Include running interviews
      • Use single target
      • Sent quota view to agents



2/ Unsubscribe link

We have implemented the ability for a respondent to unsubscribe to an DoPanel email sent by Cca.


You need:

      • A list for unsubscribed contacts
      • An unsubscription HTML page
      • New keywords to add in your email template.
      • An event on your list


You need to set your unsubscription options in Ribbon > Extra > Mailing. Two new fields are set:

      • Select the DNC list you want to use to store the unsubscribed contacts.
      • Select the path to the unsubscription page template. 

Please note that these options can be overridden on sample list properties side.


List for unsubscribed contacts

This is a standard Do Not Contact list that must contains an email field. You need to attach it to your sample list, into properties > numbers > selection and tick "Do Not Mail":



Unsubscription HTML page

The unsubscribe template contains the web page which will be shown when the user clicks the unsubscribe link. This template will have to make sure to do the actual unsubscription using a HTTP POST request:

POST <server>/WebProd/cgi-bin/AskiaExt.dll?Action=Unsubscribe?PanelId=<panelid>


Example unsubscribe template form with unsubscribe post action button and a redirect on successful or failed:

<form action="[ccaUnsubscribeLink]&Redirect=" method="post">
<label for="submit">Click 'unsubscribe' to unsubscribe [ccaEmail] from this mailing list.</label>
<br />
<input type="submit" style="width:20%" class="btn" name="submit" value="Unsubscribe">



These keywords are supported in the unsubscribe template: 

      • All the regular list fields, between square brackets (identical to the mail templates)
      • The [ccaUnsubscribeLink], [ccaUnsubscribeEncryptedLink] and [ccaEmail] keywords
      • ??ResPath?? will return the main resource URL (not the one from a survey)


Event "Unsubscribe"

Keep in mind that the Cca will only update the DNC list, not the external database that has been used to create the sample list. So, if you make an update from external database, you may lose the information previoulsy recorded in the sample list (but not yet recorded into the external database). That's why you need to add an event "unsubscribe" on your sample list:


The SQL code to use will be an INSERT INTO your external database used to create the DNC list.



3/ Recordings storage


New paths for recordings can be set in Cca settings:

You can distinguish different types of recordings:

      • Agent recordings
      • Anonymized recordings



 4/ New "Repeat" Scheduled task option

We have added the ability to repeat a scheduled task every X minutes for a certain duration (limited to 24 hours).


      • This option is available for every tasks but telephony task.
      • This will be available on all scheduling times (one, daily, weekly, monthly)
      • The ‘during’ time will be limited to 24 hours, to prevent overlaps within the schedule.
      • The maximum value that can be used is 23 hours 59 minutes

When the schedule start time is missed (because CCA wasn’t running), the upcoming repeats will still be executed after CCA restarted.


5/ Log files management

At startup of CCA, during runtime at midnight or updating CCA Settings, the CCA debug file and CCA socket logging (which are enabled in CCA Log Settings) will be compressed into a .zip file. This option is available in Cca settings (ribbon > Extra > CCA Settings):



To enable this feature for the CCA debug file, enable following CCA Setting:


Please note that the auto-delete log files feature will also delete these zip files automatically after the retention period. This is also based on CCA Settings.



6/ Extension of Key16 limits

Format of the Key16 has changed in order to remove the limitations of number of Seeds generated by the Webprod.

This will be the new format: 

      • We’ll use 0-9 & A-Z as available characters 
      • The maximum value will be 2565 = 1 099 511 627 776 
      • The first character is always a number, allowing easy detection of the new key-16
      • We can verify manipulation by checking if the decryption fails, or if the checksum doesn’t match



DoPanel Link:

Unsubcribe link:


7/ Block web Interview

A new setting has been added to the survey properties: Block web interview when telephony mode, or priority is zero":


This new optional setting allows you to block the access to a survey on webprod side for a particular respondent if:

- The contact was switched from Cawi to Cati and has the Mode = "telephony" in find/edit contact:

- you have set a priority 0 in "Find/Edit contact".



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