What's new in AskiaField 5.4.7?

What's new in AskiaField 5.4.7?


1/ Appointments features

In 5.4.7 you have the ability to create appointement from scratch in two ways:


1A - From "Find/Edit contact" 

From this window > Select your contact > Right Click > Edit Appointment.

That will prompt an appointment properties window you can fill with relevant informations for Agent / DateTime Importance, and messages:

This appointment creation is only available for all (non-completed) contacts in find/edit contact. This includes appointments for unused contacts or contacts for which the last call result was not 'appointment'.

- Regular callback options still apply (over callback won't be called, priority 0 won't be called, etc.) When changing such a manual appointment, the callback script will be re-evaluated.
- Regular quota behavior still applies: manual appointments will be counted in quota depending on their priority, etc.
- These appointments will be displayed in all appointment dialogs as usual
- These manual appointments can be deleted as well. Important to know: if you create a manual appointment and delete it again, the contact will still be considered as having had an appointment. This means it will have a higher priority, will have reduced callback times, etc.


1B - At the creation of the sample list

When creating a new sample list (from external database only!), you can also create appointments from sample list fields. For this, you need, on your external database side, 4 fields that will be used to create the appointement:

A/ A field (DateTime format) where you will set the date and time of the appointement. This field must be in datetime format (Access/Excel or SQL). The time must be set 


B/ A field (numerical format) where you can set the AgentID if you wan to attribute an appointment for a specific agent.

C/ a field (Nvarchar/ text - limit at 1024 characters) where you can set a specific message

D/ a field (numerical format) where you can set the importance of the appointment (from 0 to 5).

The 3 last fields (B-C-D) are not mandatory for the creation of the appointment.


When creating your sample list from an external db, you have 4 new fields to select in the external data details window :






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