Using Cookies with AskiaDesign

Using Cookies with AskiaDesign


How to:

A useful feature in creating and fielding a survey, programmers can enable cookies inside Design's Internet Options section, under the 'Other settings' tab:




In this window, you can elect to turn cookies on/off for the survey, and dictate the duration the cookies will remain active in the respondent's browser before being removed.




Implementing cookies into the survey will do two things.

  1. When used with open (StartSurvey) links, a respondent will be allowed to resume where they left off without needing a unique identifier.

  2. For the duration of the cookie, will prevent respondents from taking the survey multiple times under the same IP address.



Final notes:

Cookies are not a foolproof method to retain respondent browser information. If a respondent is using a VPN, or disables cookies in their browser, this feature will not function as intended. Survey programmers should also be acutely aware of GDPR and privacy practices before implementing this feature.





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