Best Price Selection Examples

Best Price Selection Examples

Summary This article provides two examples of a series of questions which isolate the highest price at which the respondent would purchase a product. There is a stand-alone example and and one where it is in a loop so you can repeat the set of questions for any number of brands or products.
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Written for Survey programmers
Keywords Price point, best price, higher, lower, selection, purchase, shuffle, random selection.


Download the example .qex files in the links below:

  1. Stand-alone example: Best Price.qex
  2. Looped example: Best Price (Loop).qex




In each case:

  • The respondent starts with a randomly selected price for the product
  • They answer if they would purchase at this price
  • If they say 'No' we ask the next iteration of PriceLoop and randomly select between the lowest available prices (where they haven't said No)
  • If they say 'Yes' we ask the next iteration of PriceLoop where we randomly select between the highest available prices (where they haven't said Yes)
  • The series of questions allow us home in on the highest price the respondent would be willing to pay for the product
  • Once there are no more price options available, we exit the loop and set the final purchase price in the FinalPrice question outside PriceLoop



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