DOC: CmdQesExporter, anonymised and encrypted data

DOC: CmdQesExporter, anonymised and encrypted data


Starting with 5.4.9, all anonymised data are automatically encrypted. When you're doing an export from Supervisor, it's automatically handled by the system. But if you're still using CmdQesExporter to export your data, in 5.4.9+ environement,  and if you want to get also the anonymised data, then you need to get the encryption keys for the survey you're exporting.

 First, you need to refer to this article to have an overview of how the encryption is working on Cca side.

Then, you need to install this folder on your website (ideally where is installed your CcaAPI / CcaWebAPI). Once the folder is set at the root of your website, you can modify these two parameters (lines 128 / 129), into the DatabaseSettings.html:

1/ Value for urlCcaWebAPI (should be your internal IP address of your webserver): 

label for="urlCcaWebAPI">URL CcaWebAPI: </label><input type="text" id="urlCcaWebAPI" size="100" value=""/><br/>

2/ Value for Cca Token should be taken from the supervisor > extra > Authentication Tokens


Then, you start your weblink to databasesettings.html page.

STEP 1 > click on generate new key pair:



STEP2 > enter the Survey ID wanted and click on "Get Database settings!"


That will populate, in encrypted way, the text box "database settings (json):


And below this text box, you will find the two encryption keys (decrypted):




Now you can use these extra parameters in your command line for CmdQesExporter:

/anonymity "NONE"
/encryptionkeyregulardata "the corresponding key for regular data"
/encryptionkeyanonymizeddata "the corresponding key for anonymised data"



A CmdQesExporter version 5.4.9 (or above) is mandatory to work with encrypted data. you can use the one used by your CCA. Simply copy the entire folder you can find in in "C:\Program Files (x86)\AskiaField\ExportService_localhost" on your side.

Each of these two keys is unique by survey. You need to check databaseSettings page for new survey you want to export data with CmdQesExporter.











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