Open Live Survey

Open Live Survey

Summary This article is about the supervisor configuration for the usage of "Open live survey" in 5.4.9 versions of Analyse, Tools and Design. 
Applies to Supervisor, Analyse, Tools, Design
Written for Survey writers, field managers, data analyst
Keywords GDPR; open live survey; CcaWebAPI; API; analyse, tools; design; restrictions; modules;

Starting with 5.4.9 version and in order to make access to live field task data GDPR compliant, we have implemented a login system, based on CcaWebAPI, which is used through the File menu > Open live survey available in Design, Analyse and Tools.


1/ Create the necessary modules on Supervisor.

Open the Modules dialog on Supervisor (Ribbon > Extra > Modules) and create the 3 necessary modules:

  • Analyse
  • Design
  • Tools



2/ Ensure each user's restriction which needs this access has the module selected in Restrictions > Properties > Modules > Management:



3/ The restriction will also need:

  • allow direct access to survey/list data


  • 'view' permissions on the survey
  • 'view interview data' permission on the survey



4/ On the "Open Live survey" dialog box, enter the link to the CcaWebAPI (http://[MyWebServer]/CcaWebAPI), use your supervisor credentials to connect and click on "Connect" button.


5/ Select your survey from the drop-down box. After clicking OK you will see the Design, Tools and Analyse session as normal accessing the current field task data.

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