API/WebAPI result codes

API/WebAPI result codes


Uniformisation of result codes (error codes) in CCA/Supervisor/API (5.4.6+)

  • The same result codes (error codes) are used in CCA/Supervisor/API
  • For the CcaWebApi, if the StatusCode is no success StatusCode, the response will look like this. The 'Error' token is most of the time empty, but can also contain information about the specific error that occurred.
      "Request": {
        "Method": "GET",
        "Url": "http://{Server}/CcaWebApi/agents"
      "Version": "",
      "StatusCode": 401,
      "Response": {
        "ResultCode": 102,
        "Error": ""

  • This is the list of new result codes:

Name Code Description Category (mentioned on new category start) Remarks
Success 0 No error success [0-100]  
Pending 1 Request is accepted but pending    
SuccessListRunning 2 No error, with warning list is running   Code was 3 in old versions
Failed 100 General error general errors  
UnknownError 101 Unknown    
UnknownToken 102 Unknown token    
UnknownObject 103 Unknown object    
ObjectNotReady 104 Object not ready    
ObjectInUse 105 Object is in use    
DatabaseError 106 Database error    
InvalidXml 107 Invalid Xml    
AlreadyLoggedIn 108 Already logged [-> TO SESSION ?]    
AlreadyExists 109 Object exists    
IncompatibleData 110 Incompatible data    
AccessDenied 111 Access denied    
NotAllowed 112 Action isn't permitted    
BadCrc 113 Bad CRC    
InvalidArgs 114 invalid arguments    
InvalidOperation 115 Invalid operation    
OperationAborted 116 Operation aborted    
NoDataAvailable 117 No data    
NoCTArchitect 118 No CTArchitect connection    
NoSpeechService 119 No speech service    
NoAgentMonitoringService 120 No agent monitoring service    
AgentNotReachable 121 Agent not reachable    
NoLicense 122 Not allowed by license    
FileNotFound 123 File doesn't exist    
NoRecordingManagementService 124 No recording management service    
NoReportingService 125 No reporting   Only in 5.4.8+
TooMuchData 126 Too much data   Only in 5.4.8+
TaskNoDefaultWorkingDir 200 Unknown question task errors  
TaskReloadTemporaryBlocked 201 Temporarily blocked (to prevent hammering)    
SurveyUnknownQuestion 202 Unknown question    
SurveyUnknownResource 203 Unknown resource    
SurveyWebConnectionOffline 204 Web connection is offline    
SurveyUpdateFailed 205 Update of survey failed    
TaskUpdateCompatibilityWarnings 206 Compatibility warnings on survey update    
WebProdInternalError 290 internal webprod error    
WebProdSurveyAlreadyOnline 291 survey is already online    
WebProdInvalidName 292 duplicate internal name    
WebProdDuplicateName 293 duplicate external name    
WebProdNoFreePosition 294 no free web position    
WebProdUnknownSurvey 295 unknown webprod survey    
ListTargetNotCompatible 300 task/project isn't compatible with list list errors  
ListUnknownField 301 Unknown list field   Only in 5.4.7+
ListUnknownContact 302 Unknown list contact   Only in 5.4.7+
ReportInvalidFieldtype 401 Error invalid fieldtype reporting errors  
ReportInvalidFilter 402 Error invalid filter    
ReportErrorRetrievingFile 403 Error retrieving report file    
ReportInvalidFormula 404 Error invalid formula    
ReportAbortedBySystem 405 Error aborted by system    
ReportErrorRetrievingDatabaseName 406 Error retrieving database name    
ReportConnectionFailed 407 Error connecting    
ReportEngineError 408 Error returned by CRPE/SSRS report engine    
LockTimeout 501 Lock time out locking errors  
AlreadyLocked 502 Already locked (on lock request)    
NotLocked 503 Not locked (on unlock request)    
UpdateFailedNameAlreadyUsed 601 name already used [AlreadyExists] update failed  
UpdateFailedNTAccountAlreadyUsed 602 NT account already used    
UpdateFailedInternalNumberAlreadyUsed 603 Internal number already used    
UpdateFailedDIDAlreadyUsed 604 DID already used    
ListenInCallAnswered 700 Call answered listen-in errors  
ListenInRinging 701 Supervisor phone is ringing    
ListenInNoRing 702 Agent phone not ringing    
ListenInBusy 703 Agent phone is busy    
ListenInNoAnswer 704 Agent doesn't answer    
ListenInNoFreeChannel 705 No free channel available    
ListenInNetworkProblem 706 Network problem    
ListenInLocationNotFound 707 Location doesn't exist    
ListenInNoAgentFound 708 Agent doesn't exist    
ListenInPickUpTelephone 709 Supervisor telephone should be picked up   Code was 710 in old versions
ListenInNoActiveCallFound 710 No active call for agent   Code was 711 in old versions
ListenInNoActiveConversationFound 711 No active conversation   Code was 712 in old versions
ListenInTapiError 712 TAPI error   Code was 713 in old versions
ListenInActiveConversationInConference 713 No active conversation   Code was 714 in old versions
ListenInCallEnd 714 End listen-in call   Code was 715 in old versions
QuotaNotReceived 801 Quota no quota received quota errors  
QuotaQuestionNotFound 802 Quota question not found    
QuotaResponseNotFound 803 Quota response not found    
QuotaTokenNotFound 804 Quota token not found    
QuotaAgentNotFound 805 Quota agent not found    
QuotaBrokerNotFound 806 Quota broker not found    
QuotaQuestionNotAllowed 807 Quota question not allowed    
QuotaInvalidToken 808 Quota invalid token    
QuotaLockFailed 809 Quota lock failed   Code was 810 in old versions
QuotaAvailabilityGetFailed 810 Quota availability get failed   Code was 811 in old versions
QuotaSetFaceAllocationForQuestionNotAllowed 811 Quota set face allocation for question not allowed   Code was 812 in old versions
QuotaSetWebAllocationForQuestionNotAllowed 812 Quota set web allocation for question not allowed   Code was 813 in old versions
ManualDialRinging 901 phone is ringing manual dial errors  
ManualDialNoRing 902 phone has no ringtone    
ManualDialBusy 903 Agent phone is busy    
ManualDialNoAnswer 904 Agent doesn't answer    
ManualDialNoFreeChannel 905 No free channel available    
ManualDialNetworkProblem 906 Network problem    
ManualDialTapiError 907 TAPI error    
ManualDialAgentDisconnectedBeforeConnection 908 agent disconnected before connection    
ManualDialAgentNotLoggedIn 909 Agent not logged on    
ManualDialAgentInCall 910 Agent still connected to another caller    
ManualDialNoVoiceResources 911 no voice resources    
ManualDialWrongNumber 912 wrong number    
ManualDialMaxNumberOfCallsExceeded 913 Maximum number of calls exceeded    
JobInitFailed 1001   Recording Management Service errors  
JobDone 1002      
JobFailed 1003      
NoCcaConnection 10000 No CCA connection CcaAPI-specific errors (never generated by CCA)  
CacheLoading 10001 CcaAPI cache isn't available yet    
CcaTimeout 10002 CCA command timeout    
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