Ignore Responses in the Next Iteration(s) if chosen in the Previous Iteration

Summary Article on how to ignore responses in the next iteration(s) if chosen in the previous iteration(s)
Applies to Askia Design
Written for Script Writers ; Developers
Keywords loop ; loops ; ignore ; responses ; ignore responses ; grids ; iteration ; iterations


Example QEX (located at the bottom of this article) can be downloaded here.

If you'd like to hide certain responses in the next iteration(s) that were selected at the previous iteration(s): 


Create a standard question table loop:


Create an "Ignore Response" Routing that looks like this:

Use this code in the Ignore Response Script window:


ALTERNATIVELY: you could also use "Q1.AllValues" as the Ignore Responses script.
It does the same thing as the above FORSET script, but it's more compact. See below image:


Change your Loop from a "Response Block - Vertical Loop" to a "Styles - Classic Responses":

So it looks like this when done:


If everyone is setup correctly, the loop should behave like what's shown in the below gif:

When I choose "Item 1" at "Brand A", it doesn't appear at "Brand B". When I choose "Item 4" at "Brand B", it doesn't appear at "Brand C", etc. The previous iterations selected response is now hidden.

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