Features not (yet) implemented on AskiaFace tablets

Features not (yet) implemented on AskiaFace tablets

Summary This article lists all features that are currently NOT available on AskiaFace
Applies to AskiaFace
Written for Survey writers, field managers
Keywords CAPI; Android; IOS; 

 Current versions: Android 3.3.32 / iOS: 3.3.18

 General stuff:

  • There is no management of incomplete interviews yet.
  • Flash controls are not allowed and can even cause crashes.
  • Semi automatic management of Quota.
  • ADPs are not supported



  • Go Without Saving
  • Go To and Mark as incomplete
  • Send email
  • Start SQL query
  • Start Program
  • Start Predictive dialing
  • Start Recording
  • Interrupt recording
  • Query a WebService



  • QuotaToDo
  • MaxQuotaToDo
  • Interview.IPAddress / IPAddress (Will not be implemented)


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