Customise screen layout for end-users

Customise screen layout for end-users

Summary This article describes how to customize askiavista6 screen layout.
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It is possible for Vista Administrators to customize what the users see when they log in Vista6.

To do so, the Authorisation (currently in Vista5 administration mode) needs to be changed. 

Screen layout

It is possible to hide / unhide the following items in the screen layout:

  • Rows
  • Columns
  • Edges
  • Distribution
  • Properties (see below for more detail on this one)
  • Raw data
  • Developer tools. 

Vista5 Authorisation settings:

Vista6 Screen Layout:



It is possible to customize the properties panel on the right hand side and hide / unhide several items:

Vista 5 Administration mode Authorizations:

Vista 6 Properties:


In Vista 5 is possible to add permissions to create:

  • Filters
  • Variables
  • Portfolio links
  • Resources

Vista5 Authorisation:

 In AskiaVista6 you can find those options on the top menu "View"

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