Creating 64 or 32-bit ODBC drivers for CCA

Creating 64 or 32-bit ODBC drivers for CCA

Summary This article describes how to create ODBC drivers on the CCA server
Applies to askiafield
Written for System administrators
Keywords odbc; ado; connection string; sql; access; ms access; dsn; askiafield ; cca; supervisor ; sample list; 64bit ; 32bit

When creating sample lists with Supervisor, you have 2 possibilities to import the sample list data. Either from a .lst file, or from an External database.

If you chose the latter, an "External Data Details" menu will be prompted. In this menu, a prompt will ask which SQL Database shall be used.

Sometimes, the desired database is not listed. This usually happens when CCA cannot find the matching ODBC driver, which can happen on a 64bit machine, if the ODBC drivers had been created as 32bit drivers, while CCA was launched as a 64bit application, or vice versa.

  1. Connect to the machine that is hosting CCA.
  2. If CCA is running as a 32bit application, navigate to C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe.
    If CCA is running as a 64bit application, navigate to C:\Windows\System32\odbcad32.exe
  3. Create the ODBC driver.
  4. It will now appear in the dropdown list of Supervisor.
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