Portfolio Links Broken

Portfolio Links Broken

Summary This document goes through an example of how to find out more information about broken portfolio links in Vista 6 which give Internal Server Error 500 and a potential fix.
Applies to Askia Vista 6.
Written for Data Processors, Analysts, Researchers, Statistical Analysts.
Keywords Portfolio Links, Vista 6, Internal Server Error 500, 500.19, web.config, AskiaVistaReader.Net4

If you see an error when you try to access portfolio links then take a note of the error number e.g. you might see Internal Server Error 500.

You can get a more detailed error report in the following way:

Instead of using a link of the type: http://NNN.NNN.NNN.NN/AskiaVistaReader.Net4/Portfolio/?linkId=52V-Y58-45H

Log into the server and change it to:


This will give more information about the error: 


It shows there is a problem with the following file:


and with the line: 

<add value="Index.aspx" />

The problem is that the IIS already managed the Index.aspx as a default page and complains about the duplicate entry.

In this case the fix is a simple one. Before this line in the web.config file, add the following:

<remove value="Index.aspx" />


e.g. it will finally look like:



An example of when this could happen is after a Vista update. It is something to check for after any update.

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