Error : this Survey XML file is corrupt

Error : this Survey XML file is corrupt

Summary This article describes how resolve a file corruption error which could prevent agents from connecting to a survey via AskiaFace
Applies to askiaface
Written for field managers
Keywords error, corrupt, XML, face, Ipad, Android

AskiaFace uses the XML version of the .qex that was created by the survey programmers.
It can happen that while creating the .qex, some characters are not compatible in XML. This can lead to this error being displayed on agent devices.

Here is an example corrupted file to test.

To solve this,

  1. Save your .qex as XML from Askia Design.

  2. Copy the content of this XML file and paste it in an xml online validator (
  3. Run the validation and find out where the error is.
  4. Amend your .qex file by re-typing the question or response name that had an invalid character. In this example, you can check that it takes one "delete" key press to remove the extra invisible character between "6" and "_". (Check also the name of the screen in screen mode)

  5. Update the working copy of the survey with Supervisor, the agents won't have the error again.


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