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Summary This article gives you access to the Star Rating adc 2.0 Javascript control. You also got access to a live example, qex file example and details of the parameters available for this control.
Applies to askiadesign
Written for Scriptwriters and survey authors
Keywords adc; adc2; javascript; control; design; askiadesign

  • To access to the live survey, click on the picture above.
  • To download the qex file (in example directory), click here
  • Version of the adc: 2.0.8

This control is compatible with a single and numerical question (response block) and loop single, loop numerical question.


Parameters Type Comments and/or possible value
Use String Star, Heart, Tick, Thumb, Sun
Control Width Number In Percentage
Max Width Number In Percentage
Control Alignment Boolean 'Left, Center, Right'
Animate Responses Boolean  
Animation Speed Boolean 'Very Fast, Fast, Medium, Slow'
Auto Forward Boolean 'No, Yes'
Use a selection list Boolean 'No, Yes'
Is in loop Boolean 'No, Yes'
Tool Tips    
Show tooltips Boolean 'No, Yes'
Tooltip font size Number In Pixels
Tooltipfont colour Colour  
Tooltip curved corners Number '0, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30'
Tooltip Colour Primary Colour  
Tooltip Colour Secondary Colour  
Tooltip Border Colour Colour  
Tooltip Border Thickness Number In Pixels
Tooltip Border Style Boolean 'None, Solid, Dashed, Dotted, Double'
Number of stars Number  
Looped Responses    
Show Captions Boolean 'No, Yes'
Left side width String  
Caption width String  
Show images Boolean 'No, Yes'
Image align Boolean 'Left, Right'
Row Vertical alignment Boolean 'Top, Middle, Bottom'
Caption text alignment Boolean 'Left, Center, Right'
Max image width Number  
Max image height Number  
Force image size Boolean 'Force Width, Force Height, Force Both'
Turn on DK for single choice question Boolean 'No, Yes'
DK Position Boolean 'Left, Center, Right'
DK Text String  
DK Text Padding Number In Pixels
DK Margin Number In Pixels
DK Colour Primary Colour  
DK Colour Secondary Colour  
DK Font Colour Colour  
Border Radius Number '0, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30'
DK Border Colour Colour  
DK Border Thickness Number '1px, 2px, 3px, 4px, 5px'
DK Border Style Boolean 'Solid, Double, Dashed, Dotted, None'
DK Drop Shadow Boolean 'On, Off'
Show DK Hover Colour Boolean 'No, Yes'
DK Hover Colour Primary Colour  
DK Hover Colour Secondary Colour  
Show DK Hover Font Colour Boolean 'No, Yes'
DK Hover Font Colour Colour  
Show DK Hover Border Boolean 'No, Yes'
DK Hover Border Colour Colour  
DK Hover Border Thickness Number In Pixels
DK Hover Border Style Boolean 'Solid, Double, Dashed, Dotted, None'
Show DK Hover Shadow Boolean 'No, Yes'
DK Hover Drop Shadow Boolean 'On, Off'
Selected DK Colour Primary Colour  
Selected DK Colour Secondary Colour  
Selected DK Font Colour Colour  
Selected DK Border Colour Colour  
Selected DK Border Thickness Number In Pixels
DK Border Style Boolean 'Solid, Double, Dashed, Dotted, None'
Selected DK Drop Shadow Boolean 'On, Off"
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  • Avatar
    Dinesh Kumar


    Is this ADC will working fine in mobile browser? Because we have used in one study it was working fine in Desktop version. In mobile version we can see some more unwanted space and not working properly in mobile.

  • Avatar
    Jérôme Duparc

    Hi Dinesh,

    V1.0.15 of the adc should fix this problem

    Best Regards