Calculated variables

Calculated variables

Summary This article details the different calculated variables available in askiavista compared to askiaanalyse
Applies to askiavista
Written for Data processor
Keywords calculated; variable; vista; askiavista

WARNING: This page is a draft intended for the Askia team until it has been finished.

Calculated variables askiaanalyse askiavista
  Create Interpret Create Interpret
Closed by scripts
Numeric by script
Probability by script
Find all values of a script
By profile
By superposing questions
By weighting
From entry duration
From interview information
By sub-population
By crossing two questions
From multiple existing combinations
Sliding dates


  • ✔ green: supported.
  • ✗ red: unsupported.

Interview Info...

  • Agent
  • Interview start time
  • Interview end time
  • Interview position
  • Interview ID
  • Interview seed
  • Language
  • Completed
  • IP address
  • Key strokes
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