DOC : AskiaVista error codes

DOC : AskiaVista error codes

Summary This article details the askiavista error codes.
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Code Caption Description Resolution
-100 ERR_SOCKET_NOT_READY Error in the communication withAskiaVistaServer Check if there is already an instance of askiavistaserver.exe running
-101 ERR_INIT_NOT_CALLED Init has not been called for this survey  
-102 ERR_NO_REPLY No reply from server Restart AVS service. Use this guide Common Vista Questions.
-103 ERR_WRONG_RESPONSE Server did not send the right reply  
-104 ERR_PATH_NOT_SET The survey path has not been set  
-105 ERR_COUNT_NOT_SIZE_OF_ARRAY Parameters are not compatible  
-106 ERR_INCORRECT_RESPONSE The reply of the server was incorrect  
-1001 ERR_NOT_OWNER_OF_RECORD An attempt was made to update a record belonging to another user  
-1002 ERR_INVALID_PROFILE The definition of the profile is incorrect  
-1003 ERR_DATABASE_ERROR Error while accessing the database  
-1004 ERR_NAME_CONFLICT There is a conflict with another object having the same name  
-1005 ERR_NO_RIGHT_FOR_APPLY The user does not have the right to save the object for his group/company  
-1006 ERR_SURVEY_NOT_READY The survey is not ready, probably after a communication break down AVS is most likely running in GUI mode and needs to be run in service mode. From the server close the window then in askiavista restart the service.
-1007 ERR_OBJECT_UNKNOWN The object is not known  
-1008 ERR_OBJECT_UNAVAILABLE The object is not available for this user  
-1009 ERR_INVALID_SURVEY The survey specified in the path is incorrect Check in Analyse
-1010 ERR_CONTROL_INCOMPATIBLE There is compatibility problem between the control and the server The version of AskiaVistaCtrl.dll is out of date and needs to be updated.
-1011 ERR_INVALID_FIRST_QUESTION The first question is invalid  
-1012 ERR_INVALID_SECOND_QUESTION The second question is invalid  
-1013 ERR_CANNOT_PRODUCE_CALC The calculations could not be produced. Likely to be a Levelproblem  
-1014 ERR_CANNOT_READ_PACKAGE Cannot read the Package  
-1015 ERR_CANNOT_CREATE_FILE Cannot create the output file Check the server for disk space or corruption
-1016 ERR_WRITING_FILE Error while writing to the output file Check the server for disk space or corruption.
-1017 ERR_INVALID_FIRST_PROFILE Invalid definition of the firstProfile  
-1018 ERR_INVALID_SECOND_PROFILE Invalid definition of the secondProfile  
-1019 ERR_DATA_ERROR_FIRST_PROFILE Data error while reading the question in Row Indicates the system cannot find valid Response Tables. Check that the QES file functions properly in askiaanalyse
-1020 ERR_DATA_ERROR_SECOND_PROFILE Data error while reading the question in Column Indicates the system cannot find valid Response Tables. Check that the QES file functions properly in askiaanalyse
-1021 ERR_SCRIPT_SYNTAX_ERROR Syntax error in the script  
-1022 ERR_RESULT_EMPTY If no tables have been generated  
-1023 ERR_INVALID_THIRD_PROFILE Invalid definition of the thirdProfile  
-1024 ERR_DATA_ERROR_THIRD_PROFILE Data error while reading the question in Edge Indicates the system cannot find valid Response Tables. Check that the QES file functions properly in askiaanalyse
-1025 ERR_WEIGHTING_ERROR Error while calculating weighting  
-1026 ERR_UNKNOWN_COMMAND The command is not understood by the AskiaVistaServer  
-1027 ERR_NOT_AVAILABLE_IN_LEVEL Data not available in this Level  
-1028 ERR_SURVEY_ALREADY_LOADED Survey was already loaded  
-1029 ERR_CANNOT_READ_DATA Error while reading data  
-1030 ERR_QUESTION_TYPE_INCOMPATIBLE The question type is not compatible for the query  
-1031 ERR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED Method not implemented by server (version problem)  
-1032 ERR_TIME_OUT_IN_LOCK Time-out while waiting for response server-side  
-1035 ERR_SURVEY_NOT_LOADED The survey is not ready yet The survey may still be loading (especially QEWs with many waves). Check the CPU usage of AskiaVistaServer in Services Management. It should be at 0 when the survey is ready.
-1039 ERR_CANNOT_RELOAD_DURINGINVERSION Cannot reload a survey while an inversion is being done Wait for the inversion to finish before reloading the survey
-29000 ERR_ Cannot initializeAskiaVistaServer controls Restart AVS service

These askiavista specific errors could be returned by the control for all methods

Code Description
-100 if the socket cannot be initialised
-102 if the server did not reply
-103 if the server did not reply correctly
-1006 if the survey is not ready
-1010 if the control AskiaVistaCtrl is not compatible with AskiaVistaServer
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