My users are getting signed out

My users are getting signed out

Summary This article describes the settings involved when your users are getting signed out.
Applies to askiavista
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askiavista constantly monitors user activity - and will sign them out according to the rules & values specified in the Sessions management tab. However, at times, users are signed out while they are working. When this occurs it is important to review the Sessions management settings. Here is a common scenario of how users can get signed out:

A User defines a massive askiavista Tab Def and clicks Results. His browser starts sending HTTP requests to askiavista, and as there is a large amount of data this can take time.
askiavista on its side is continuously sending its Check each connection AJAX query. This query is normally received & answered by the user's browser, however, if the user's browser is monopolised by its mission of sending a big Tab Def up to askiavista, it has no space to respond this AJAX query. Therefore, askiavista eventually comes to think that the browser window has been closed, and signs the User out.
The Tab Def upload aborts and the user's browser gets a message informing them that they've been signed out.

To avoid such occurrences, we recommend incrementing the Check each connection value, to 120" or above.

  • Check each connection: time interval between each AJAX query sent by askiavista to the client's browser, enquiring whether it is still there (ie. is the browser window still opened?).
  • Check each activity: time window within which askiavista expects the user to manifest a sign of usage/activity. A 15' value will mean that askiavista expects the user to interact or click once every 15', otherwise it considers the user has left for lunch or other and thus is considered to be no longer actively using the application -> thus gets signed out.
  • Session time-out: this is the maximum length a user session can last. For example, our default value is 1440, ie. 24 hours. If a user has been using the application non-stop for 24 hours straight, this means he will get signed-out at 24 hours, at which point he will need to reconnect.

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