Unable to generate a survey structure

Unable to generate a survey structure

Summary This article describes what to check if you are unable to generate a survey structure in askiavista.
Applies to askiavista
Written for Data processor
Keywords generate; survey structure; vista; askiavista

Sometimes a survey's XML files can be corrupted, and askiavista is unable to overwrite them, hence the Cannot generate survey structure message.

We recommend that you:
  • RDC onto the askiavista server
  • Browse to the web application's folder, \AskiaVista\, and in there to \SurveyResources\
  • Here select the folder carrying the same name as the survey, \survey_name\
  • Delete the folder
  • Log back into askiavista, switch to Admin-view, Surveys TAB, right-click the survey and select Generate Survey Structure.
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