Unable to read a Dimensions™ format

Unable to read a Dimensions™ format

Summary This article describes what to check if you are unable to read a SPSS Dimensions™ format in askiatools.
Applies to askiatools
Written for Data processor
Keywords spss; dimension; read; tools; askiatools

askiatools is using the DataModel from IBM.
In case of error , follow the below process:

  • Check you are using the good version of DataModel (Eg 6.0 for askiatools 5.3.X).
  • Put your dimensions file (.mdd, .SAV, .PKD, ....) in a separate directory.

Some Dimensions format contain embedded files, and the DataModel creates a sub-directory with the same name as the file . If the subdirectory is already existing, the DataModel could not create its own subdirectory!

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