Supervisor is blocked or crashing

Supervisor is blocked or crashing

Summary This article describes how to manage a supervisor blocked or crashing.
Applies to askiavoice
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When Supervisor connects to the CCA, the latter sends information to Supervisor needed to manage fieldwork, such as list of Surveys, Quotas, Agents, ...

In the case of a poor quality network (and here we're not talking about the ping latency between CCA and Supervisor) some of the information packets are fragmented. When this happens, the CCA doesn't know if the Supervisor received what it sent. Therefore the CCA resends these again. This can start a loop process which can last for a long time until the CCA finally receives confirmation from the Supervisor.

We use a third-party application to moderate such issues:

TCP Optimizer

TCP Optimizer enables you to customize your CCA's MTU settings.

Default MTU values

Here is a short description of default values:

Value Description
1500 is the largest packet size; it is also the standard default value. It is the typical value for non-PPPoE, non-VPN connections, and the default value for Netgear routers, adapters and switches
1492 is the standard value for PPPoE
1472 is the maximum size used for pinging (bigger packets are fragmented)
1468 is the standard value for DHCP
1460 is the standard value used by AOL, if you don't have large email attachments, etc...
1430 is the standard value for VPN and PPTP
1400 is the maximum value for AOL's DSL service
576 is the standard value used by Dial-up Internet access

In most cases, setting your MTU to 1400 will solve your askiavoice problems. For example, a client's Supervisor could take one hour to launch or would just stay blocked. Decreasing the MTU from 1500 to 1400, the client's Supervisor took 3 seconds to launch!

Customize your MTU

  • Go to the affected Supervisor machine
  • Download TCP_Optimizer.rar
  • Unzip the file contents
  • Start TCP Optimizer
  • In the General settings tab click on Custom settings
  • Set the MTU text box to 1400
  • Click Apply and Exit
  • Reboot the Supervisor machine
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