Create a Click&Go Supervisor or CATI station

Create a Click&Go Supervisor or CATI station

Summary This article describes how to create a click & go Supervisor or CATI station.
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Click&Go workstations are a seemless way of using Supervisor.exe or CATI.exe on remote machines. Indeed :

  • No installation is required
  • Doesn't contain extra files, only the .exe
  • Dependancies, such as Visual C redistributable (vcredist.exe) aren't required
  • Registry keys aren't used at all

The programs are merely sophisticated self-extracting zip files. It works roughly like this upon running:

  • A temp folder is created in the windows temp folder
  • Everything necessary is extracted to this directory
  • Supervisor.exe is started with an embedded command line
  • After Supervisor.exe closes the temporaty directory (and everything inside) is deleted


There are two ways to obtain a Click&Go workstation :

  • If the CCA to which the workstations will connect does have the CCAPortal feature installed, simply grab the Click&Go from there, it will already be configured
  • Or, download and configure your Click&Go stations from your CCA. The file located in the working directory (usually C:\AskiaField\ClicknGo )


Supervisor Click&Go (manual configuration) :

The exe internally contains the command line necessary to start Supervisor.
This command line contains everything needed:

  • IP address of CCA
  • Associated setup version -> if this version is lower than the latest version available on CCA, the program will abort!
  • standalone option to signal the registry has to be ignored
  • (optional) port number of cca
  • (optional) agent ID for login
  • (optional) password for login (encrypted or not)
  • (optional) location ID
  • (optional) default workspace ID for startup

For an overview, run

Supervisor.exe -? 

When getting a Click&Go via CCAPortal, the EXE is automatically generated with the correct parameters.

Would you need to create the .exe manually, here is the command to run in Window's command prompt :

"Supervisor Click&Go.exe" -setcommand:"Supervisor.exe -standalone -cca: -agentid:1 -password: -locationid:2 -workspace:2 -setup:"

To manually create and distribute a supervisor Click&Go, you need to add, into the same folder:

  • the supervisor Click&go from the same version than your cca (you will find it into the askiafield\setups directory on your cca server)
  • a bat file

How to proceed:

  • create a txt file first (with notepad).
  • add the command with all parameters needed
  • save the txt file and change the extension from .txt to .bat
  • double click on the .bat file. A window will appear to indicate if the execution is a success.

Once it's done, you can send the supervisor click&go.exe file to your customer (no need to send the .bat file).


CATI Click&Go (manual configuration) : 

Follow the exact same steps than for a Supervisor Click&Go.
The only difference is in the command line : 

"Cati Click&Go v5.4.6.1017.exe" -setcommand:"cati.exe -standalone -cca:MyExternalCCAIpAddress:901 -agent:Shaft -password:groovy -locationid:205 -setup:"


Additional note in 5.4 and above: It could happens that the Supervisor or Cati Click & go downloaded from the CcaPortal doesn't start when executing the exe received.
That could be due to a cache corruption problem. In this case, please, empty the two followingt folders on the Webserver where CcaPortal is installed:
Then please download the exe again.

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