CTWatch Installation

CTWatch Installation

Summary This article describes how to install the CTWatch.
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The attached .zip archive contains three files that must be placed in the same folder as CcaU.exe.

  • Ctwatch.exe
  • CTWatch.bat

Open the CTWatch.bat with Notepad.exe and check the below command line:

  • use ccaU.exe for the English Cca
  • use ccaFRU.exe for the French Cca

Create a shortcut for CTWatch.exe on the desktop. Right-click and select Properties and add, after the path of the files in the target: -i60 -cCTWatch.bat.
The path should look like:

"C:\Program Files\MI4C\CCA\CTWatch.exe" -i61 -cCTWatch.bat

-i61 = time that the ctwatch will take to check if the Cca is still activated.
-cCTWatch.bat = path of the .bat to execute if the Cca is not activated.

Note: it's case sensitive.

In the Windows Registry, you have to make sure that CTWatch is activated. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Peter Holmes\CCA\Settings or, if the key is not present, to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Peter Holmes\CCA\Settings.
The key is named IsCheckCTWatch. The value should be equal to 1. If it's not the case, enter 1 and restart the Cca to activate CTWatch.

When all is OK, double-click the CtWatch shortcut. The counting will be displayed in the Task bar. To pause the countdown, click once on it's Task bar icon (repeat that process to resume the countdown).

Note: the session where the Cca and CTWatch is running should be activated each time.

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