Auto-submitting your single & grid questions

Auto-submitting your single & grid questions

Summary This article describes how to submit to the next screen automatically for single question and grid on web surveys in askiadesign by using Javascript.
Applies to askiadesign
Written for Scriptwriters and survey authors
Keywords submit; screen; web; single; grid; script; design; askiadesign

Download the example qex file
First we need to refer one JavaScript files (submit.js) in the footer of the Internet Options:

<script type="text/javascript" src="??ResPath??submit.js"></script>

Then in the buttons tab of the internet options, we need to give an id to the next button as "next":


Now for all Single and Single Grid questions, auto-submit will be active so the system will trigger the Next button automatically when an answer is selected.

Note: works on all web screens so Web surveys, iPad, Android and in the next release of 5.3.3 for CATi and CAPi if you use web screens.

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