Change Order with fixed quotas

Change Order with fixed quotas

Summary This article describes how to change the order of the questions shown depending of quotas in askiadesign by using Askia Script.
Applies to askiadesign
Written for Scriptwriters and survey authors
Keywords routing; logic; conditions; script; order; quota; design; askiadesign

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Change Order with fixed quotas for the first product shown (for instance: 100 for the first product, 100 for the second...).

To do so, we need to create a Multiple question (set to Non visible during data entry).

There, we will store the product for which the quota is not full (using the AvailableQuota keyword).

We will then randomly select one value from the still available products.

We will add and randomize the order of the three others products and finally use the Change order routing.

Note: to test this, we need to initialise the .qex/.qes file in askiafield and define quotas on the Quotas variable

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