DOC : Re-order new responses

DOC : Re-order new responses

Summary This article describes how to re-order new responses in askiasurf.
Applies to askiasurf
Written for Data processor
Keywords re-order; response; surf; askiasurf

Documentation note : add an entry for this feature in the AskiaSurf assistant

You can quickly re-order responses for a given campaign question to equal the response order of the matched source question; right-click on the campaign question and select "Re-order Campaign Responses".

You can re-order responses manually in askiasurf by using its toolbar. Select a response and move it up or down by clicking on the appropriate toolbar buttons.

Alternatively, you can re-order responses and/or sort them alphabetically using askiadesign. Open the .QEW file in askiadesign, select the relevant question and then click the 'A-Z' button or drag&drop the items as desired.

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