DOC : List of askiaweb error codes

DOC : List of askiaweb error codes

Summary This article details the error code of askiaweb.
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Documentation Note: merge with the troubleshooting askia webprod documentation

You should pay attention to the code for whether the message is from Microsoft or Askia.

Microsoft: IIS - HTTP Status Codes

Askia: List of askiaweb error codes

Error Code Caption Description Resolution
101 ERR_BDDCANNOTOPENMAINDATABASE Cannot open WebProd Database  
102 ERR_BDDCANNOTOPENQRETABLE Cannot open WP_Survey table  
103 ERR_BDDQRENOTFOUND Cannot find questionnaire file  
104 ERR_BDDCANNOTREADQSTRE Problem reading WP_Survey table  
105 ERR_CANNOTREADQES Cannot open questionnaire file  
109 ERR_BDDUNKNOWN Error unknown  
111 ERR_BDDCANNOTOPENCONSTTABLE Cannot read WP_Const table  
112 ERR_CANNOTSAVESETTINGSQES Cannot save settings in questionnaire file  
113 ERR_CANNOTSAVESETTINGSMAIN Cannot save settings in WebProd database  
114 ERR_CANNOTGETID Cannot get new number for interview  
115 ERR_CANNOTCREATEMASK Cannot create a screen for entry (not questions?)  
116 ERR_CANNOTSAVEINTERVIEW Cannot save intvw file (workdirectory doesn't exist or has no write rights)  
117 ERR_CANNOTREADINTERVIEW Cannot read intvw file (file is deleted or directory has changed...)  
118 ERR_CANNOTFINDSCREEN Cannot find entry screen  
119 ERR_CANNOTUNLOAD Questionnaire isn't loaded  
666 ERR_CANNOTCREATEDESTINATION Cannot open WebProd Database  
667 ERR_CANNOTCREATEDESTINATION Cannot create zip file, check that AskiaZipper.dll is correctly registred.  
668 ERR_CANNOTCREATEDESTINATION Your database WebProd is not updated.  
669 ERR_CANNOTCREATEDESTINATION There is an incompatibility between WebProd pages and AskiaExt  
1001 IDS_ERR_ASKIAEXT1__NO_PARAMETER No parameter No parameters were specified in the  AskiaExt URL, for example:
1002 IDS_ERR_ASKIAEXT2__NO_ACTION No Action parameter The parameter Action or MFCIsapiCommand was missing in the AskiaExt URL.
1003 IDS_ERR_ASKIAEXT3__NO_QUESTIONNAIRE No questionnaire parameter The parameter used to identify the survey is missing, either Survey,SurveyName or T1.
1004 IDS_ERR_ASKIAEXT4__TOO_MANY_PARAMETERS Too many parameters Not used - deprecated since version ...
1005 IDS_ERR_ASKIAEXT5__TOO_LITTLE_PARAMETERS Not enough parameters Parameter(s) required to process an Action are missing. The necessary parameters depend on the Action.
1006 IDS_ERR_ASKIAEXT6__PARAMETER_MISSING Missing parameter One or more parameters, required to process the Action requested, are missing. The necessary parameters depend on the requestedAction.
1007 IDS_ERR_ASKIAEXT7__EXPECTED_PARAMETER Expected parameter The system failed to decoded a parameter encoded via  Key16.
1008 IDS_ERR_ASKIAEXT8__INCORRECT_PARAMETER Incorrect parameter A parameter contained an invalid value, such as a Numeric parameter which wasn't numeric, or a call made to an inexistent Action.
10035 No response from CCA   Check your network settings. Try to ping your CCA, etc...



Here the error messages as they are displayed on respondent side:

Error 100 is unknown error: 

IDS_UNKNOWN_ERROR: "Unknown error"


Error 101-123 will use this error:

IDS_QUESTIONNAIRENONDISPONIBLE_N: "Questionnaire '%s' not available (cause %d)"


Error 124 will use this error:

IDS_ERR_ASKIAEXT9__READ_UPDATE_SOURCE:  "Could not read update source: %s"


Errors 1001-1008 use these errors:

IDS_ERR_ASKIAEXT1__NO_PARAMETER:  "Askia Web : Error 1001 (No parameter)"

IDS_ERR_ASKIAEXT2__NO_ACTION:   "Askia Web : Error 1002 (No parameter Action)"

IDS_ERR_ASKIAEXT3__NO_QUESTIONNAIRE: "Askia Web : Error 1003 (No parameter questionnaire)"

IDS_ERR_ASKIAEXT4__TOO_MANY_PARAMETERS: "Askia Web : Error 1004 (Too many parameters)"

IDS_ERR_ASKIAEXT5__TOO_LITTLE_PARAMETERS: "Askia Web : Error 1005 (Not enough parameters)"

IDS_ERR_ASKIAEXT6__PARAMETER_MISSING: "Askia Web : Error 1006 (Parameter missing)"

IDS_ERR_ASKIAEXT7__EXPECTED_PARAMETER: "Askia Web : Error 1007 (Expected parameter)"

IDS_ERR_ASKIAEXT8__INCORRECT_PARAMETER:"Askia Web : Error 1008 (Incorrect parameter)"




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