DOC : List of askiaweb error codes

DOC : List of askiaweb error codes

Summary This article details the error code of askiaweb.
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Documentation Note: merge with the troubleshooting askia webprod documentation

You should pay attention to the code for whether the message is from Microsoft or Askia.

Microsoft: IIS - HTTP Status Codes

Askia: List of askiaweb error codes

Error Code Caption Description Resolution
101 ERR_BDDCANNOTOPENMAINDATABASE Cannot open WebProd Database  
102 ERR_BDDCANNOTOPENQRETABLE Cannot open WP_Survey table  
103 ERR_BDDQRENOTFOUND Cannot find questionnaire file  
104 ERR_BDDCANNOTREADQSTRE Problem reading WP_Survey table  
105 ERR_CANNOTREADQES Cannot open questionnaire file  
109 ERR_BDDUNKNOWN Error unknown  
111 ERR_BDDCANNOTOPENCONSTTABLE Cannot read WP_Const table  
112 ERR_CANNOTSAVESETTINGSQES Cannot save settings in questionnaire file  
113 ERR_CANNOTSAVESETTINGSMAIN Cannot save settings in WebProd database  
114 ERR_CANNOTGETID Cannot get new number for interview  
115 ERR_CANNOTCREATEMASK Cannot create a screen for entry (not questions?)  
116 ERR_CANNOTSAVEINTERVIEW Cannot save intvw file (workdirectory doesn't exist or has no write rights)  
117 ERR_CANNOTREADINTERVIEW Cannot read intvw file (file is deleted or directory has changed...)  
118 ERR_CANNOTFINDSCREEN Cannot find entry screen  
119 ERR_CANNOTUNLOAD Questionnaire isn't loaded  
666 ERR_CANNOTCREATEDESTINATION Cannot open WebProd Database  
667 ERR_CANNOTCREATEDESTINATION Cannot create zip file, check that AskiaZipper.dll is correctly registred.  
668 ERR_CANNOTCREATEDESTINATION Your database WebProd is not updated.  
669 ERR_CANNOTCREATEDESTINATION There is an incompatibility between WebProd pages and AskiaExt  
1001 IDS_ERR_ASKIAEXT1__NO_PARAMETER No parameter No parameters were specified in the  AskiaExt URL, for example:
1002 IDS_ERR_ASKIAEXT2__NO_ACTION No Action parameter The parameter Action or MFCIsapiCommand was missing in the AskiaExt URL.
1003 IDS_ERR_ASKIAEXT3__NO_QUESTIONNAIRE No questionnaire parameter The parameter used to identify the survey is missing, either Survey,SurveyName or T1.
1004 IDS_ERR_ASKIAEXT4__TOO_MANY_PARAMETERS Too many parameters Not used - deprecated since version ...
1005 IDS_ERR_ASKIAEXT5__TOO_LITTLE_PARAMETERS Not enough parameters Parameter(s) required to process an Action are missing. The necessary parameters depend on the Action.
1006 IDS_ERR_ASKIAEXT6__PARAMETER_MISSING Missing parameter One or more parameters, required to process the Action requested, are missing. The necessary parameters depend on the requestedAction.
1007 IDS_ERR_ASKIAEXT7__EXPECTED_PARAMETER Expected parameter The system failed to decoded a parameter encoded via  Key16.
1008 IDS_ERR_ASKIAEXT8__INCORRECT_PARAMETER Incorrect parameter A parameter contained an invalid value, such as a Numeric parameter which wasn't numeric, or a call made to an inexistent Action.
10035 No response from CCA   Check your network settings. Try to ping your CCA, etc...
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