Drop Slider

Drop Slider

Summary This article gives you access to the Drop Slider adc 2.0 Javascript control. You've also got access to a live example, qex file example and details of the parameters available for this control.
Applies to askiadesign 5.4.4 and above
Written for Scriptwriters and survey authors
Keywords adc; adc2; javascript; control; design; askiadesign; drop; slider.



  • To access to the live survey, click on the picture above.
  • To download the qex file (inside the example directory), click here
  • Version of the adc: 2.0.3


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    Dinesh Kumar


    In this slider "don't know" values was not captured. our requirement is need to show scale "1 to 10" and "don't know" if respondent give "don't know" there is no value captured in background it's going blank. It should not be the case. So we required some ADC properties to give values (i.e 99) for Don't know option.