MaxDiff Table

MaxDiff Table

Summary This article gives you access to the MaxDiff Table adc 2.0 Javascript control. You've also got access to a live example, qex file example and details of the parameters available for this control.
Applies to askiadesign 5.4.6 and above
Written for Scriptwriters and survey authors
Keywords adc; adc2; javascript; control; design; askiadesign; most; least; arrangement; MaxDiff.



This ADC easily allows you to create the required screen format for MaxDiff surveys. Add the ADC to your resources, drag it on to your 'Most' response block, set any captions you want to appear in the headers of your grid and select the 'Least' question it should be connected to.

  • To access to the live survey, click on the picture above.
  • To download the qex file (in example directory - 5.4.6 min), click here
  • Version of the adc: 2.0.1



There are a small number of parameters which are easy to understand:

  • Least Question: When you drag the ADC on to the response block for your 'Most' question, this is where you define which 'Least' question it relates to
  • Most Caption: The caption you want to appear in the 'Most' column header
  • Least Caption: The caption you want to appear in the 'Least' column header
  • Centre Caption: The caption you want to appear in the centre column header e.g. this can be information about the loop iteration or screen number



There are two parts to the example survey which you can test individually by clicking on the links below:



There are a few articles already on our Help Centre regarding MaxDiff & Interactive Library which you may find useful background if you are thinking of using this ADC

  1. Design: Example of MaxDiff methodology
  2. Analyse: Basic analysis of MaxDiff data
  3. Design: MaxDiff Interactive Library
  4. Design: Interactive libraries in Design 5.4


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