Example of MaxDiff methodology

Summary This article give you access to a MaxDiff example done in askiadesign by using Askia Script.
Applies to askiadesign
Written for Scriptwriters and survey authors
Keywords routing; logic; conditions; script; maxdiff; design; askiadesign

The file contains an example .qex file. And below you can see a screen shot for the MaxDiff.

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  • Avatar
    Steven De Backer

    The zip file seems to be corrupt...

  • Avatar
    Seyf Altindal

    Hi Steven,
    I have just downloaded the, extracted it and used the .qex file in Design.
    Would you kindly send a brief explanation of the issue you are experiencing to and one of our support team will liaise with you to resolve it. Many thanks.

  • Avatar
    ali helmi

    Hi Seyf,

    After you open the QEX file and go to screen mode to test it, there is nothing!!

  • Avatar
    Jérôme Duparc

    Hi Ali,

    You can just change the Internet Settings template used by the qex (Options menu->Internet Options)

    It should makes the trick.

    I will also modify the .zip today to fix this problem

    Best Regards