🛠️ Install askiafield REST API

🛠️ Install askiafield REST API

Summary Installation guide for ccaAPI and ccaWebAPI
Applies to askiafield
Written for system administrators

5.4 brings the usage of askiafield API. Once installed you can interactact with your Cca through JSON requests.

  1. Pre-requisites
  2. Running the setup
  3. Testing

Pre requisites

  • Askia
  • Windows Server Features
    • Web Server server (IIS)
      • IIS 6 Management Compatibility
        • IIS 6 WMI Compatibility
        • IIS Management Script and Tools
    • Application Server
      • .NET Framework 4.5
      • Windows Process Activation Service Support
        • HTTP Activation

 The CcaAPI-Setup v5.4.x.x.exe contains two setups: the one for the CcaAPI itself, and the one for CcaWebAPI. The CcaAPI setup is the mandatory link with the Cca.

  • The CcaAPI Web service is used, for now, by ccaWebAPI and ccaPortal.
  • The CcaWebAPI is the Web service used to pilot the Cca (with JSON requests).

Running the setup

After unblocking the setup file, run it locally with administrator privileges. You will be prompted with the following sequence of setup screens.


Here select the Setup you want to perform (by default both are selected):


A quick detection about minimum hardware requirements is made:


Select the website where you want to install the CcaAPI service. The "Create a New Application" option is automatically set:



The "Create a new application pool" is automatically set:

 Enter the internal IP Address of the CCA:

 And the external one:



 Once the CcaAPI setup is installed, it will automatically start the CcaWebAPI setup. Again, you will find the same kind of settings as CcaAPI setup:

Enter the IP Address to the CcaAPI service (internal or external IP)

Last screen > Check the "open CcaWebAPI" to verify that the service is well installed:http://[ServerName]/CcaWebApi


Back to CcaAPI setup:

You can test if the service is correctly installed by checking the "Open CCA API". That will open a browser with the default address: http://[ServerName]/CcaAPI/CcaAPI.Service.svc


To test if the installation went ok, navigate to the following addresses

  • http://[ServerName]/CcaWebApi
  • http://[ServerName]/CcaAPI/CcaAPI.Service.svc














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