What’s New in Design 5.4.4

What’s New in Design 5.4.4

Summary This article lists the new features of Design version 5.4
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We are proud to release Design 5.4.4, which introduces the reworking of the quotas, data anonymisation, added automation possibilities for power users, and a few usability tweaks to save time ! Enjoy


Question Mode  

Linked response lists and Exclusive Responses: There is a new option for linked lists where you can choose to include or exclude your exclusive responses – saves you having two exclusive codes and managing it via routing.


Survey data anonymisation: Due to some legislation about data privacy (see this article), we have implemented the Survey Data Anonymisation in Askiafield. This is an option to hide sensitive information, and it all begins with ticking a checkbox in Design! Read more about this feature here:


Routing Mode

Unconditional Routings = Always: Unconditional routings are now more straightforward, just select “Always” in the GUI instead of entering “True” in the condition.


New Routing type - Run Askia Script: It is now possible to run a script to complete multiple actions in one go. These are the new methods for Question Objects:

 For the Interview Object there are:

Read more about this here:

Screens Mode

Automatic Verification of screens: There is now an option in the settings for automatic generation and verification of screens when you enter screens mode or when you save the survey.

The options are:

  • “No” – if you don’t want to enable this feature.
  • “Prompt” – If you want to see the details of what will be done.
  • “Yes” – if you want the verification to be done silently.



Resource Versioning: All resources now have a version number. This means that if you set a number of resources with the same Resource ID and one of them to a response, all of the ADC that support bitmaps will automatically select the right bitmap depending on the language and the version.


Screen naming matched to question shortcuts by default: The screen names will be the question shortcuts by default. When you merge screens it will show the shortcuts of all questions that have been merged into that screen. If you have renamed the question and want to undo it, just enter an empty string and the defaults will return.


The whole quota management has been completely re-designed with the version 5.4. The quota engine has been rebuilt from the basement to the roof. Now you can have quotas on multi coded closed questions, on numerical questions with dynamic ranges, create groups of items, etc. This means we have more functions available so that we can access the values from within the survey.

  • AvailableQuota()- Returns a list of index of the responses of the TargetQuestion still available sorted on the “To Do” counts in descending order.
  • AvailableBalancedQuota()- Returns a list of index of responses of the TargetQuestion still available sorted on the percentage remaining and sorted in descending order.
  • QuotaList()- Returns a list of indexes of the responses of the TargetQuestion sorted in descending order based on count.
  • BalancedQuotaList()- Returns a list of indexes of the responses of the TargetQuestion sorted in descending order based on the percentage.

Read more about how this works on our blog:


Command Line support: In the grand scheme of automation, you can now import the translations of the captions of a survey from the command line. This, combined with the new XML format support offers further flexibility.

Read more about this here:


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