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CATI is the application to install on agent stations. By connecting to the Contact Center Administration server (CCA), it allow agents to dial out and conduct interviews.


Minimum requirements

Hardware and Software

OS Microsoft Windows 7
Processor Intel Pentium
HD 100 MB of available disk space
Network Ethernet or wireless connection activated (with VOIP: Ethernet only)

You should have the read/write/modify permissions on the Askia installation path (usually C:\Program Files\Askia or C:\Program Files (x86)\Askia).

If you want to use webscreens in Cati (or askiaface), we recommend to use Windows 7 OS or higher, with a recent version of Internet Explorer (10 or higher). If you are on windows XP then ensure to update IE to version 8 (the latest version available on this old OS).


  • Minimum screen resolution: 1024*768.
  • WebScreens in Cati (or askiaface) requires a recent version of Internet Explorer (IE10 or higher).

Run the Install

Download CATI according to your server version here
Unzip and run the downloaded setup .exe file as an administrator.

  1. Choose the installation folder. The application .exe will be created in the selected folder. By default, it is going to be C:\Program Files\AskiaField or C:\Program Files(x86)\AskiaField.
    Click Next when you are done.

  2. On this screen, you are prompted with additional components to install. Make sure that "AskiaClient" is checked if you run surveys with Askia.

  3. Now, time to chose a working directory. This is where files will be saved during fieldwork : logs, dumps and local recordings.

  4. On this screen, choose if the application should automatically start or not.
    Additionally, if this is the first time you install CATI on this machine, you need to configure it : which CCA server you want the agent to access. Make sure to check "Configure CATI now" and click Next.

  5. This is the configuration screen. In the "IP address" box, type in the IP of the CCA the agent should connect to. If the CCA is on the same internet network than the station, its IP will be present in the drop-down list.
    By default, the communication port between CCA and CATI is 901.

    Location : the location is a number representing the computer you are connecting from. It is seable on the CCA.
    Chose "Fixed" if you want to attach your machine with one specific location. This allows you to track which machine is connected to the CCA.
    "Ask location at startup" will show you all available locations each time you connect to the CCA. Finally, "Let CCA or CTArchitect choose a location" will let the CCA pick one amongst the available locations each time you connect to the CCA.

  6. Display customization. This screen allows you to pick visual preferences for the agent. Check or uncheck what you want to be shown or hidden according to your preferences.

  7. The next screen is a recap screen of the preferences you have entered, make sure to review it before clicking "Install".

  8. Sometimes, you'll need to connect to the internet to download extra files during the installation process (eg : Visual C++). This window will be prompted in that case.

  9. After all file have been downloaded, the setup is done.


You can also customize the parameters into a Cati shortcuts:

-cca:<Hostname or IP Address>:<Port>
-agent|-user:<Agent Name>
-agentId|-uid|-aid:<Agent ID>
-locationid|-lid:<Location ID>
-standalone:<Equivalent Setup Version>
-oldapport:<Old Application Port>
-apport:<Application port>
-askiaclient:<exe to askiaclient.exe>|<parameters>
-ctscript:<exe to ctscript.exe>|<parameters>

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