Audio (.mp3)

Audio (.mp3)

Summary This article gives you access to the Audio adc 2.0 Javascript control. You also got access to a live example, qex file example and details of the parameters available for this control.
Applies to askiadesign
Written for Scriptwriters and survey authors
Keywords adc; adc2; javascript; control; design; askiadesign


  • To access to the live survey, click on the picture above.
  • To download the qex file, click here
  • Version of the adc: 2.0.1

This control is compatible with a chapter or label.

Note: The format of the audio file should be .mp3. The autosubmit functionality will not work for IE8 and below.

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    Didier van Kesteren


    Is there a way of using the id's of the ressources with this adc ?



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    Stephen Bronnec

    Hi Didier,
    unfortunately, as of today (Design 5.4.8), there is no "Resource" object in AskiaScript, so it's not possible for any ADC to use anything other than the resource path (Respath).
    If there is a use-case for this that you would like us to review, you are welcome to share it on a support ticket.
    Cheers, Stephen