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Is my version of Design up-to-date?

You can make sure to stay updated by navigating to the installation folder (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Askia) and launching updater.exe with admin rights.


How shall I name my questions?

We recommend using a shortcut that is verbose enough so you can quickly guess what the question is about, and that it also contains the ID of your question.

Full stops and dashes are not allowed, so a recommended shortcut example would be Q1_Gender. Additional information, such as a client-specific question code can be added in the "short caption" field.


Are there keyboard shortcuts that I can use in Design?

  • Standard Windows shortcuts (ctrl + C, ctrl + V, crl + A ...etc) can be used throughout Design.
  • Alt + arrows (left, right, up, down) can be used in the hierarchy view to change the order of the questions.
  • Shift / Ctrl + Mouse click can be used to select multiple items in a list
  • Space bar can be used select or deselect codes e.g. when making a selection in 'Ignore responses' routing.


Can I force all questions to be mandatory? 

Yes, in Design's Options -> Settings, set Allow DK by default to No. All questions created after will be mandatory.


I can't find my company's default visual templates and my questionnaires look different.

Navigate to Edit -> Library management and check that the path to your local library is C:\ProgramData\Askia\Biblio.bib . This file contains all default templates. On the right side, you can reference another global library to share with colleagues. Insert the path to the network location where the templates are saved, and your colleages' template will appear.


How can I change the default look of my questionnaire?

In Edit -> Library management, navigate to the Internet view to browse through all CAWI templates. Right-click on the one you need, and select Set default.

In the same fashion, you can navigate to the generation view to change the default screen generation template, which has an effect on the look and feel of the questions, responses, and CATI screens.


In the scripting box, are there auto-complete features?

Yes, and if they are not turned on by default, make sure that the following option is set : In Options ->Settings, set Routing script window to Use Internet Explorer with intellisense
and make sure that AskiaWeb Script path is still set to C:\ProgramData\Askia\Scripts


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