Offline vs. online Portfolios

Offline vs. online Portfolios

Summary This article describes the differences between offline and online Analysis portfolios.
Applies to askiavista
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Starting with askiavista, you can import portfolios created by askiaanalyse.

Using askiaanalyse, it being a desktop application, is usually much faster way to create portfolios with than doing so in askiavista. The speed of creating portfolios online is a result of:

  • The speed of the User's Internet connection
  • The size of queries between the browser and askiavista server(s)
  • The askiavista server(s)'s workload...

Added to the consideration of speed, here are some other benefits of askiaanalyse portfolio creation:

  • A user interface with real desktop-like responsiveness
  • Task automation via Cloning
  • Re-usability of portfolios across surveys, when the survey(s) have common questions

Nevertheless, we still have some differences between askiavista & askiaanalyse. For example, for historical reasons, the script engine in askiavista uses a key to determine questions and responses:

(??MyQuestion(KEY)?? / ??MyResponse(KEY:N)??)

The script engine of askiaanalyse simply uses the ShortCut:


Because askiavista was originally built primarily to target users who do not, necessarily, have analysis skills, it didn't integrate the full features of the offline Analyse product which is specially built for the expert users.

So currently, though we have worked to provide a way to import askiaanalyse portfolios into askiavista, this import has limitations. We strongly recommend you check the following, non-exhaustive, list of incompatibilities before importing portfolios. As a rule of thumb, one could say that in most cases, comparing both applications' interfaces can provide a quick indication as to whether a feature is supported on both sides.

Last, we can already inform concerned users that surveys with multiple Categories in askiavista, as well as files with duplicate ShortCuts will very likely be prone to cause trouble.

List of incompatibilities:

 not available

Features askiaanalyse askiavista
Portfolios Settings
Additional chapters
Additional table of contents
Numeric with intervals
With "Find all values"
Properties  (Since
Advanced sort
Group of responses
Calculated responses
Advanced properties in calculated responses1
Properties of responses
- Values
- Sort
- Always at the end
- Display count
- Display percentage
- Display other calculations
- Break table after
- Add empty line after
- Treat as total in col-sigs
- Allow ranking
- Width / Height
- Intervals
- Level / Sub-population2 / Weighting /Universe (aka. LSWU)
- Formatting
General CrossTab Properties
Sub-Population by GUI
Sub-Population by Script
Chart template
Tab style
CrossTab Advanced Settings
Total and caption
Totals (Rows/Questions/Columns/Edges)
Question caption to use
Show calculation captions
Question captions on a row on their own
Edges on a column on their own
Empty row after each question
Empty row after each response
Empty column after each edge
Show question captions in rows
Show question captions in columns
Show question captions in edges
Show response captions in rows
Show a column order letter3
Show a column order letter in edge total column
Show a column order letter in total column
Superpose responses for flat counts
Row suppression
Column suppression
Edge suppression
Use unweighted data for suppression
3-way suppression
Treat edges individually
Sort rows
Sort columns
Sort edges
Use unweighted data for sorts
Calculation alignment
One tab per question in row
One tab per question in column
One tab per response in edge
Break row first
Group superposable question in rows
Run broken tabs independently
Break according to page layout
Copy total rows when breaking up
Copy total columns when breaking up
Transpose table
Override sub-populations instead of intersecting them
Export to Word
Number formatting
Digits after decimal point
Show % sign
Wrap text with parenthesis
Replace 0 by
Replace values < by
Automatic cell sizes
Fixed cell sizes
Header and Footer
Header / Footer (Left / Center /Right)
Height of header / footer
Top left cell
One chart for every question in row
One chart for every question in column
Break rows first
Transpose chart
Calculations Properties
Level / Sub-population2 / Weighting /Universe (aka. LSWU)
Display calculation on the intersections of rows and columns
Display calculation on the rows
Display calculation with the questions
Display calculation on the columns
The calculations of the totals are defined by the cross-tab
Hide this calculation5
Total in rows
Total in columns
Advanced options6
Number formatting
Use for chart
Conditional formatting

1 Such as: Number formatting, display as stats.
2 Except: By Script.
3 For column significance.
4 When a weight is applied.
5 However it remains available for arithmetic or conditional formatting.
6 Valid for all options, except those missing, ie. compare the interface between askiaanalyse & askiavista for more details.

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