Web Simulator

Web Simulator

Summary This article describes how to simulate a respondent using the websimulator.js plugin. It is generally used to test routings in a live environment.
Applies to askiadesign, askiaweb
Written for Scriptwriters and survey authors
Keywords simulator; logic; conditions; web

Download the websimulator javascript file

This plug-in allows you to simulate a respondent.
It will randomly select one (or more) response(s) and will automatically submit the form.
It is generally used to test routings in a live environment.
The system will take the text of questions to fill the open-ended question, so all languages can be tested by the system.

To use them, you only need to insert the script in the page
Avoid displaying error message by alerts. The script will always try a new combination while there is an error.
At the end of survey redirect to the same survey

How to use it?
Add the following code in your Head in the internet settings:

<script language="Javascript" src="../Scripts/PLUGINS/WebSimulator.js"></script>

In the final page, set the following code to redirect to your survey

        <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=../cgi-bin/askiaext.dll?Action=StartSurvey&T1=EX">

Make sure to replace the url parameter with the url of your survey.

Note: Once you reached the number of interviews to simulate, update the survey and delete the redirection in the Final Page.

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