Error messages translation

Error messages translation

Summary This article give you access to an excel file containing the translation of the error messages used in askiadesign for several languages.
Applies to askiadesign
Written for Scriptwriters and survey authors
Keywords error; message; translation; language; design; askiadesign

Download the ErrorMsgs.xls file to obtain the translations for all default system error messages:

Language Language code
ARB (3073)
CHT (1028)
CHS (2052)
DEU (1031)
ESP (1034)
ENG (2057)
FRA (1036)
HUN (1038)
ITA (1040)
JPN (1041)
KOR (1042)
NLB (2067)
POL (1045)
PTG (2070)
PTB (1046)
ROU (1048)
RUS (1049)
SUE (1053)
THA (1054)
TRC (1055)
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