How to write DoPanel links into the sample list?

How to write DoPanel links into the sample list?



A DoPanelLink is composed like this:




Until today, the only way to get the DoPanel link for a specific contact (or a group of contacts) was to use the supervisor > find/edit contact on a DoPanel list > Select the contact > web > Copy Panel Link. That's good, but really not adapted if you want to get the DoPanelLink for thousands of contacts.


Now, we have a Powershell script that allows you to write the DoPanelLink value directly to the sample list. This link can be used in various ways (Multimodal survey, external email sending, etc.).

So, how to proceed:

1/ Start your Windows Powershell ISE application and open the script "GenerateDoPanelLinks.ps1" attached.





2/ Modify the 3 following values (From #Verify parameters):




$DoPanelField = the name of the field you have into your sample list where you'll write the links. So you need to create it before importing the list (if you're using a lst file), or add the field from your external database (in external data details on sample list properties).

$ListsDatabaseConnectionString = The SQL connection string to your lists database.

$WebProdURL = Your webprod URL


3/ Once values modified, just run the script (if you have troubles to run a powershell script, just refer to this article: It will ask you value for ListId and SurveyId.


Once filled, just press "enter. after a few seconds, you will get this (check in find/edit contact):








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