Redirection out of an askia survey and back again

Redirection out of an askia survey and back again

Summary Sometimes it's required to leave an askia survey to take part in an external exercise and return to askia to complete the original survey. In such cases, it may be required to take parameters from the askia survey to the external software or page. This article will show an example of these requirements using askia Design.
to Askia Design.
Written for Survey programmers, Scripters.
Keywords Html, JavaScript, Label, Redirection, Broker, BrokerPaneId, Parameters, Footer, Web Template, Url, .asp page, Sawtooth.

Download the example .qex files in the links below:

Have a test of this example survey link below. You just need a new BrokerPanelId for each new test.

You'll notice your parameters are read from the link:

After answering Q1, you come to the Redirection page.

Here you will automatically be transferred out of the askia survey to an .asp page which can contain any respondent ids or responses:

 After the allotted time you will be sent back to the next question in the askia survey:


What are the key points to note in setting this up?

  • Variables required in the importation chapter

  • The standby.asp file stored in the .qex's resources (just used to create an example external page, can be any external site, survey etc.)

  • The change in footer syntax on the redirection page:

Initially, the ImportBackToQes variable is empty. When you leave the .asp page there is a parameter sent to the survey on reentry: &BackToQes=1 which sets the variable to be 1. The difference in value of this variable is used in the syntax of the footer for the question Redirection. If it's 1 you continue in FormAskia (the askia survey), else you go to FormRedirection (the .asp page).

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