📥 Setups (design, analyse, surf, tools, lister, translator)

📥 Setups (design, analyse, surf, tools, lister, translator)


Our setups are free to download . However , check the minimum requirements before any installation .

⚠️ Once downloaded, don't forgot to unblock the setup (Select the setup / click right / properties / general Bottom unblock)



📥 download the askiasuite Setup

if you dont'know the version number to choose , contact your administrator / else  the most recent version ....

Minimum requirements 

Windows 7 and +, see more...

Solution's overview

... Design

askiadesign allows users to:

  • create the questionnaire structure,
  • integrate simple and complex filter logic and
  • generate resposnive, dynamic screens whatever the data collection mode,.



License type

User skills Researcher, Scripter
Features • Creation of structure, routings , screens
• Multilingual : One single structure, several languages
• Multi-device: One single questionnaire whatever the device PC, smartphone, tablet
• Multi-modal : One single questionnaire, whether it's for CAPI, CATI , CAMI or CAWI
• Local Test (simulation on different resolutions, on different navigators)
• Insertion of HTML5 objects, multimedia’s resources, etc…
• Libraries of questions, objects
• Importation from Microsoft Word with askiaword (additional module in Microsoft Word)


... analyse

askiaanalyse allows users to:

  • data process any survey
  • generate smart table results

License type

User skills Researcher, data processor, data manager
  • Data processing, Evolved Table definitions and creation of variables
  • Significativity Tests (khi², T-test, Z-test, Anova, Wilcoxon, etc…)
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Backup of definitions in a re-usable portfolio for other surveys
  • Levels management
  • Weightings
  • Multivariate analysis (Specificities, linear regression, typologies, PCA)
  • lexicometry (dictionary, Word cloud)


... surf

askiasurf allows users to:

  • align data from multiple surveys simply and easily in order to allow you to perform analyses across  multiple survey waves seamlessly.
  • reduce complexity when integrating multiple waves of data
  • let you manage ever-changing lists of responses or questions from one wave to another and to produce aggregate data without having to build new files.

License type

User skills Researcher, data processor
  • Questions and answers alignment (no merge of database )
  • Questions alignment by Shortcut, Question code , long caption or short caption
  • Responses Alignment by caption, entry code or order responses
  •  View of differences (types, number of responses, code, etc…)


... Tools

Tools allows users to:

  • import / export data,
  • Merge data

License type

User skills Researcher, Scripter, data processor, data manager

• Import / export (Dimensions, SPSS, triple-S, Fixed lenght ascii, delimited, SAS
• Merge databases , rewrite into a level

• Export time per interview and per question

• Generate random data


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