What's new in Tools 5.5.0

What's new in Tools 5.5.0

Summary This article lists the key new features of Tools version 5.5.X
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Export SAV - New options to postfix multiple questions with entry codes

We've added an option to postfix the name of loop items and multi closed questions with entry codes.



Export SAV - Auto-detect the length of open ended questions

The length of open ended variables can be now automatically detected during SAV exports.
It is based on the maximum characters for each open ended variable.



Export SAV - Option to export long captions

Long captions (rather than short captions) can now be used in SAV exports.




Verification script library

We have added an option to indicate where to look for a list of .asx (Askia Script eXtension) files to be used as a library of functions for the verification script.



You can after select which files you want to import and then specify in script which modules you want. 


You can find further information about functions used with Askia here :

And the documentation about verification scripts is available here :


New command line parameter : `language`

You can now set the language used to display metadata in your export.

Either use the abbreviation of a language (ENG,FRA,…) or its code (you can find some examples here :

Tools.exe "C:\MyDirectory\EX.qes" /type:0 /exportdelimited /completes /closedtype:2 /language:ENG /datafile:"MyExport.txt"

Tools.exe "C:\MyDirectory\EX.qes" /type:0 /exportdelimited /completes /closedtype:2 /language:2057 /datafile:"MyExport.txt"

Note you can only select languages that are actually defined in the current survey else the default language will be used.

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