How to Automate Top lines ?

How to Automate Top lines ?


Firstly, you'll need to ensure :

1- you're on the min version of Analyse 5.5.3 and + to run automated scripts.

2.  you have a topline clone (e.g. C:\ProgramData\Askia\Clones\TPforScripts.xml)


Test your script

Go to the top menu, 'Automation' and create a new script:

mceclip4.png  mceclip3.png


Copy and paste the following script:


Save it and add it in your Script directory

Create a portfolio

(by command line)

To create the portfolio automatically , you can run a  batch file  from the command line using the /"automate:" parameter e.g. 

1. Analyse.exe  "c:\Qes\ex.qes" /"automate:c:\Scripts\CloneScript.txt"


Export to excel

(by command line)

Add the following command line to your batch file:

1.Analyse.exe "c:\Qes\ex.qes" /"automate:c:\Scripts\CloneScript_tag.txt"
2.Analyse.exe "C:\Qes\ex.qes" /exportexcel /"portfolio:C:\Qes\Tp.xml" /"output:C:\Qes\result.xls" /"logfile:C:\Qes\Log.txt"





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