Camera ADC

Camera ADC

Summary This article describes the properties and functionalities of the Camera ADC. There is also a live example and a link to the latest source files in the GitHub Repo.
Applies to Design; WebProd/CAWI; File Uploader Service
Written for Scriptwriters and survey authors
Keywords camera; image; video; upload; adc; adc2; javascript; control; design; askiadesign


Pre-Requisites: FTP and the Askia File Uploader Service ( need to be installed on your server before you can use this ADC. Please check with your systems administrator.

This ADC uses the WebRTC API which isn't supported on all browsers/devices. For more info see:


  • To download the qex file, click here
  • Version of the adc: 1.0.3

This ADC allows you to upload images or video in a Survey using the File Uploader Service. The file formats allowed can be controlled via the config file in the File Uploader Service. See: SupportedFileTypes in Credentials -


Askia Upload Service  
URL URL of the upload service to be used. URL - http(s)://[SERVERNAME]/FileUploader/FileSwitcherService.svc
API Key API Key from the Credential you will be using to upload the files string
Secret Key Secret Key that matches your API Key in your chosen Credential string
Upload Button Text Text you would like to use for the Upload button string - Default: "Upload"
Project Name Name of your Survey - this will be used in the naming of the files that are uploaded to your server. string
Maximum file size (KB) Maximum file size that you'd like to allow upload of in KB number
Type of capture Type of capture to narrow down the type of file that can be uploaded - separate to the SupportedFileTypes property in the config file.  image/video
Allow save file Allow respondent to save the file that they are about to upload yes/no
Disable upload button Option to disable to Upload button once a file is uploaded yes/no
Allow upload on file change Option to allow respondent to re-upload a different file yes/no
Save button text Text for the "Save" button string
Next after upload Hide Next button until upload has been done yes/no
Auto submit after upload Auto submit once the upload has finished yes/no
Error Messages  
File Size Exceed Error Error message to show when file size exceeded string
Invalid API or Secret key Error Error message to show when an invalid API Key or Secret Key is used string
Error occured at file upload Error to show when file fails to upload string
Please select a file Error when no file selected string
Error while generating token Error when renaming file at FTP stage string
Stop recording error Error message to show when an error occurs during stop recording string
Start recording Error message to show when an error occurs during start recording string
User media access Error message to show when unable to access media devices string
Save error Error message to show when unable to save file string
Success Message  
Success message color Colour of success message any RGB colour
Success message on upload Message to show when file uploaded successfully string
Success message on save Message to show when file saved successfully string
Width Width of the control percentage
Alignment Alignment of the control left/right/center
Show controls Show respondent video controls yes/no
Video width Width of the video percentage
Autoplay Automatically replay video once recorded yes/no
Loop Loop video when replaying yes/no
Start button text Text for "start recording" button string
Stop button text Text for "stop recording" button string
Video uploader mobiles text Text for video uploader on mobiles string
Facing mode Which camera to use on mobile Front/Back
Capture button text Text for the capture button for images string


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