Version History : AskiaAnalyse

Version History : AskiaAnalyse

Follow (24-12-2019)




  • 32 & 64bit Analyse crashes with large portfolio (Bug: #10643)
  • Simplify general tab removes universe setting (Bug: #10654)
  • New 'All interviews for question table table' edge filtered bases change when table broken by edge responses (Feature: #10550) (21-10-2019)


No functional changes (24/12/2019)




  • /script parameter doesn't work when using /exportsptoinv in Analyse command line (Bug: #10611)
  • Export to Excel from View > Data takes a lot longer in 552 compared to 546 (Bug: #10473) (18/11/2019)




  • Surf - Possible Crash When Opening Different File (Bug: #10496)
  • Crash when a question is matched in the wrong level in Surf (Bug: #10500)




  • Change weighting on tab def with too many column variables gives error message (Bug: #10591)
  • Ability to add question and response tags in .qew files (Feature: #10412)
  • Chapter shown in wrong position in data view and sorting on it crashes Analyse (Bug: #10477) (21/10/2019)

  No functional changes (Unreleased - 31/07/2019)




  • AutoAnalyse: Allowed user to create sub-populations ad set weighting and level (Feature: #10329)
  • [BUG 552]: Grouped response captions cleared on reopening file (Bug: #10331) (27/09/2019)




  • Missing resource in French versions of Analyse 5.5.2+ were causing crash on load of portfolio (Bug: #10453)
  • Run automation scripts from the command line (Bug: #10380)
  • 552: Calculation icons assigned incorrectly (Bug: #10336)
  • Variable & portfolio item selection issues 552 (Bug: #10322 (19/08/2019)


Calculated Questions:


  • Multi-threaded calculation of question "closed by scripts" (Bug: #9923)
  • [BUG 552]: Grouped response captions cleared on reopening file (Bug: #10290)


Conditional formatting:


  • Conditional formatting on col sig calculation (Feature: #6147)
  • FEATURE: Ability to check text in conditional formatting menu (Feature: #7066)
  • Conditional formatting options on colum total was not saved properly (Feature: #10314)




  • Create the levels property for the Survey object in automation scripts (Feature: #10143)
  • Create Survey object and related methods (Feature: #9820)
  • Created new objects for auto-analysis (Feature: #9830)




  • Feature: Store 'View Data' definitions in Portfolio (Feature: #9702)
  • View data can be added to the portfolio (Feature: #10321)
  • Portfolio loading bar doesn't fully load in some cases (Bug: #10153)
  • Progress bar for loading of portfolio (Feature: #6968, #6027)
  • 552: Open a portfolio which has a calculated response saved in it > Modify it > Crash (Bug: #10268)




  • Smart pointers to store survey data while running cross tabs (Bug: #9861)
  • Tidy up sheet naming when exporting to Excel (Feature: #6478)
  • Chapter and indent nodes do not appear when first opening a .qes file in Analyse 5.5.2 (Feature: #10262) (Unreleased - 01/11/2018)


Portfolio / Cross-tabs:


  • Freeze row and column headers in Analyse results tab (Feature: #7819) (23/09/2019)



  • BUG with 'One tab for every response in edge' (Bug: #10384)
  • variable & portfolio item selection issues 549 (Feature: #10220)
  • Nested Edge Suppression Issue (Feature: #10376) (19/08/2019)




  • Loop stops looping before (Max,MaxY) (Bug: #10120)
  • Loop stops looping before (Max,MaxY) because of prior script (Bug: #10121)


Cross tabs:


  • ??RSC?? and ??RLC?? to work with multi-language QES files (Bug: #5267)
  • Keyword for Unweighted Base (Feature: #9089)
  • Treat column response as total to work when split by edge (Feature: #10131)
  • Unticking 'Run totals in the sub level' causes incorrect base row figure (Feature: #10164)
  • Can't remove "background" property from a response when changing background color (Bug: #5964)


Tab template:


  • Conditional formatting not working for calculations in question total (Bug: #9846)
  • IMG= parameter can crash Analyse when calling .png files (Bug: #9902)
  • Run Broken Tabs Independently Selection causes crash (Bug: #10154)
  • Problems with Question suppression options (Bug: #10155)




  • Surf: Linked Loop Questions in .qew not showing correct data (Bug: #5550)
  • QEWX problems (Bug: #9901)




  • Cannot give responses in loop variable same caption as it creates duplicates shortcuts (Feature: #9874)
  • [FEATURE] Analyse - Options - GUI - Expand Interface (Feature: #10023)
  • Open field task: you can now open a QEX file directly (Feature: #10256)
  • Last Seen shows next question on auto quota fail (Bug: #10270)
  • Inverted data: you can now open a QEX file directly (Feature: #10332)
  • Removed creation of virtual windows when recalculating questions (Feature: #9899) (10/07/2019)


  No functional changes (24/05/2019)


  Calculated Questions:


  • All last results in: Calculated variable > From interview information (Feature: #7371)
  • Recalculate all variables breaks calculated loop (Bug: #9764)
  • Retrieve 'LastSeen' value into Analyse 'Interview information' calculated variable (Feature: #9804)
  • [FEATURE] - Analyse new Interview Information additions (Feature: #9813)
  • Recalculate all variables takes longer in 549/552 versions compared to 535 (Feature: #9886)
  • Closed Level Scripts have additional html added before and after (Bug: #9900)
  • Added options to log the timing of calculated questions (Feature: #9909)
  • Script no longer translates to GUI in 5.4.X (Bug: #9709)


 Portfolios / Cross tabs:


  • Find functionality to also search in table titles and row question shortcut (Feature: #9286)
  • French version tab definition save message in English (Bug: #9714)
  • Issues with question total (Feature: #10021)
  • Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V no longer works in 5.4.X to copy paste tab definitions (Bug: #9708)
  • BUG: Radar with Markers/Crash issue in versions > (Bug: #9883)


  View data:


  • Option to remove column in Data viewer (Feature: #9701)
  • Add option to turn on/off the ability to edit data (Feature: #9786)
  • Edit data with QEW should not allow editing value in the cell (Feature: #9787)




  • Surf: Maximise Response Counts acts on single coded variables (Bug: #9836)
  • Surf: Require new 'Freeze entry code' option (and rename options to match Design) (Feature: #9903)
  • Default Save as type to be .qew rather than .qewx (Feature: #9975)
  • Warning message in Surf: Wave has no volume (Feature: #9496)(Feature: #9496)


  Command line:


  • Analyse hangs when exporting a portfolio where weighting does not converge. (Feature: #10005)
  • Analyse hangs when creating calculated variables from a portfolio via command line (Feature: #9982)
  • Command line: write question back to QES/QEX (Feature: #10004)




  • "Invalid File Handle" error exporting TabsML > 2GB (Bug: #9401)
  • Calculation arithmetic not working with specific settings (Bug: #9845)
  • New Universes to allow counts filtered by edges (Feature: #9897)
  • ColSig naming in column profile issue (if no edge and show letter for edge total ticked) (Bug: #9619)(Bug: #9619)
  • Remove html tag in any caption sometimes removes text we want to keep (Feature: #9625) (07/02/2019)


  No functional changes (16/11/2018)


  Open Live survey:


  • Create login system for open askiaField task (Feature: #8755)
  • Open Live survey: Create the .dat folder when saving survey elements (Feature: #9212)


  Calculated Questions:


  • Calc var warning not addressed by deleting calc vars and reopening portfolio (Bug: #9022)
  • Closed by scripts calc var: option to remove zero counts (Feature: #8986)
  • Analyse
  • Dropping null counts from crossing two questions (Feature: #5918)
  • Quota variable: exclude / include targets between a certain number range (Feature: #8873)
  • crossed calc var responses not populating after 32768 responses (Feature: #8975)
  • Calculated Questions Issues (Feature: #9027)




  • Possibility to delete a selection of sub-population (Feature: #8722)
  • Create a sub-population for each (selected) response (Feature: #7713)


  Cross-tabs & Tab Template:


  • Question suppression on "unbroken" tables (Feature: #8795)
  • Added menu to send responses to row / col / edge (Feature: #8796)
  • Develop questions at run-time (Feature: #7821)
  • Deleting global library template appears to delete the subsequent template in the list as well (Bug: #9026)
  • Suppression option selection doesn't correspond to mouse click location (Bug: #9015)
  • Col Sig On Vertical % by script (Feature: #8794)




  • Intellisense improvements (Feature: #8391)
  • Intellisense window crashes after entering keyword: RowQuestion (Bug: #9024)
  • ^Question^.NextQuestion fails with other scripts (Feature: #9167)




  • Align interviews by interview order returns questions with 0 base (Bug: #9009)
  • Serialised version of QEW files and XML Files for analyse objects (Feature: #8927)
  • Merge of last 4 waves in Surf creates file with 0 interviews (dat files present) (Bug: #9160)




  • Weighting save as default : in the qes (Feature: #5019)
  • Remove html tag in any caption (Feature: #5121)
  • Option text missing in French version of Analyse (Use fast metadata) (Bug: #9018)
  • MyView Confirmation message(s) change (Bug: #8983)
  • 64-bit Analyse Chart Crash replace with warning message (Bug: #7570)
  • Fast MetaData infoCodings.xml doesn't create definitions for grouped variable created from grouped variable (Bug: #9082)


  View Data:


  • Askia data viewer (and edit) (Feature: #4036)
  • Analyse
  • View Data: sort columns in view (and edit) (Feature: #6284)
  • Improve visualisation of data to allow modification (Feature: #7851)
  • Allow sorting of data viewer (Feature: #8575)


  Totals & Level Data:


  • Treat "question total" as "All selected responses" (Feature: #8489)
  • Dealing with not asked when a level is not visible for an interview (Feature: #8425)
  • Total question did not work well with "Run total in sub level" (Bug: #8448)
  • "Run in sub level" did not work well if two calculations had different settings in one tab (Bug: #8447)
  • Crossing two variables in two different sub-levels (Feature: #8446)




  • Cannot set global tab template as default, local tab template always overrides it (Bug: #8328)
  • Saving position of most script windows (Feature: #8427)
  • Paste text and script into "closed by scripts" calculated question (Feature: #8449)


  No functional changes




  • Run weightings with mixed levels (Feature: #7784)
  • Weighting: issues with 'Run questions in their level' option (Bug: #7895)


  Ease of use & navigation


  • Find in rows columns and edges (Feature: #7767)
  • Search bar in all drop-down lists & Rows / Cols / Edges in Analyse (Feature: #6969)
  • Make it easier to read portfolio / tab definition names when minimised (Feature: #7818)
  • Show file path and whether 32 or 64 bit in bottom of Analyse window (Feature: #7807)


  Command line:


  • Excel export from command line: Specify a starting sheet (Feature: #7809)
  • Command line export of a portfolio: replace a given tab-template by another (Feature: #7810)




  • Syntax then switch between codes causes crash (Bug: #7790)
  • Bugs in calculation arithmetics around MakeNumeric (Bug: #7838)
  • Q1 has "1" not working for multiple (Bug: #7691)
  • Script formatting: Result must be a number error/Prefix with script (Bug: #7748)
  • Table arithmetic Debug.Trace not running on flat calcs (Feature: #7817)
  • Implicit property value was not added in analyse scripting languaes (Bug: #7690)
  • Calculation arithmetic calc to pass string calcs (Feature: #6930)
  • Added EntryCode and EntryCodeStr properties to the object Response in analyse (Feature: #7762)


  Calculated variables:


  • Calculated response doesn't get tested against total column in Col Sig (Bug: #7860)
  • Multiple existing combinations variable doesn't show level data after creation (Feature: #7906)




  • Creation of variable on multiple: The 1rst stated, the 1 +2Nd stated, the last stated, etc (Feature: #1424)
  • Analyse
  • Require 'Do not suppress' option on variable and code levels. (Feature: #5907)
  • Ordered responses in V5: average ranking (Feature: #6492)
  • Add external data to portfolio / Analyse (Feature: #7210)
  • Dendrogram for typology (Feature: #7764)
  • Save template message not clear, can cause unwanted overwrite (Feature: #7792)
  • New Keywords (Feature: #7812)
  • Base Type was not read in Analyse when setting changed for .qew in Design (Feature: #7971)
  • Options to set the path of the askia web scripts (and the editor) (Feature: #7984)
  • Dragging responses in to tab definition doesn't respect default sort setting (Bug: #7768)
  • Chapter appears in ToC
  • gives weird result for page (Bug: #7841)
  • logo placement in footer improved (Bug: #7857)
  • Horizontal % always shows blank in total column regardless of setting (Bug: #7964)
  • Dragging response on to table no longer filters table (Bug: #8003)
  • Cannot Export to Excel from results view (after prompt for save) (Bug: #8118)
  • Inversion in a preliminary loop within a preliminary loop (Bug: #8184)
 (Unreleased 04/04/2017)




  • Add option `run totals in sub-level` (Feature: #7512)
  • new behaviour for keywords RowQuestion/ColQuestion (Feature: #7519)
  • New option tabs for calculations (Feature: #7602)
  • No prompting for word or excel file when exporting portfolio or cross-tab results (Feature: #7603)
  • Added new copy button in sub-populations (Feature: #7720)
  • %%Q1%% reference in Analyse scripts (Feature: #7761)
  • Hide setting doesn't hide for flat calc (Bug: #7731)






  Calculated variables:


  • Create loop calculated variable type (Feature: #6970)
  • Single by script changed into "Closed by single script" (Feature: #7309)
  • When you first create a calculated question, the chapter "Calculated question" is not displayed (Feature: #7323)
  • Order of calculation [of calculated variables] throws error in rare cases (Bug: #7316)
  • Speed improvement for recalculation of variables (Feature: #7465)
  • Option to turn off/on automatic creation of calculated variables (like weightings & sub-pops) (Feature: #7462)
  • Management of rolling time period variables (Feature: #7456)
  • Group Values > Find all values on calculate numeric var returns 3 x same response (Bug: #7333)
  • Create loop creates incorrect structure on first attempt (Bug: #7394)
  • Cannot set level on closed level variable (Bug: #7401)
  • Interview level disappears after deleting calculated variables (Bug: #7421)
  • Only loop level are available when creating several variables (Bug: #7543)
  • Calc var gives odd count + doesn't update after re-selecting wave (Bug: #7486)
  • Level disappears for new calc var after creating cal var (Bug: #7347)
  • Analyse crash on saving closed level (Bug: #7343)


  Cross-Tab / Custom settings:


  • ColSig Total Base used in formula not filtered by sub-pop (custom setting) applied to response (Bug: #7366)
  • Col Sig does not run whilst sub-population (custom setting) applied to its row (Bug: #7367)
  • Wrong Base when grouping DK NA and hide the details (Bug: #7495)


  Surf / .qew / Select waves:


  • .qes file inverts fine but surf file with just one wave (this .qes file) crashes on re-invert (Bug: #7412)
  • Not able to select waves in surf file after recalculate all variables (Bug: #7413)
  • Large .qew crashes on recalculate all variables (Bug: #7463)
  • Export to sub-pop (all interviews) crashes after select (last) wave (Bug: #7416)




  • Weighting on multiple : using counts, base incorrect (Bug: #7314)
  • Observed count in the weight view incorrect (or unfiltered) when crossing > 2 variables (Bug: #7306)




  • New keywords
  • log() and log10() in Analyse, Design and Tools (Feature: #7349)
  • Sub-Population
  • filtering by Start/End Interview date isn't functioning correctly (Bug: #7127)


  64-bit Analyse:


  • 64-bit Analyse Chart Crash (Bug: #7570)
  • File in 64-bit Analyse breaks loop structure (32 bit fine) (Bug: #7408)
  • 64 bit Analyse gives radar with markers error when copy tab def to new portfolio (Bug: #7506)




  • Profiles not showing if .qes / .qew in read only mode (Feature: #7318)
  • page keyword out by one page in TOC (Bug: #7311)
  • Command line
  • Open multiple portfolios and export multiple outputs in single session of Analyse (Feature: #7433)
  • Export a set of questions changes DK in grouped values var to NA (Bug: #7461)
  • /exportsptoinv issue from Analyse command line (Bug: #7551)


  Weight / portfolio:


  • Saving weightings in portfolios (Feature: #7256)
  • Weighting on multiple leave cells empty (Feature: #7278)


  Calculated variables / portfolio:


  • Saving calculated variables in portfolio (Feature: #7276)
  • Open by script (Feature: #7301)


  Surf / .dat folder / Inverted:


  • Improved inverted file system loop order supported (Feature: #7284)
  • WaveState.xml causes crash if all waves had been deselected, .qew reopen and then try to select waves (Bug: #7282)




  • Data.SplitToNumbers (Feature: #7302)
  • Export from 'Results' window gives expected figures but not export from portfolio (Bug: #7287)
  • Break according to page layout causes unexpected result in clean-up script (setText) (Bug: #7291)
  • Unable to scroll for long scripts in created variable (Bug: #7299)


  Portfolio improvement:


  • Ability to export subset of tables from a Portfolio (Feature: #6166)
  • Opening a porfolio without calculating the results (Feature: #7188)
  • Portfolio export of results: you can select which items you want to export (Feature: #7186)
  • Entry codes are displayed after a question is set as myView default (Bug: #7196)
  • Contents page not visible in print preview vs (Feature: #7200)
  • Export from 'Results' window gives expected figures but not export from portfolio (Bug: #7246)


  MyView improvement:


  • New options for myView variable selection/removal (Feature: #6967)
  • Close myView (Feature: #7193)
  • More options on removing questions from myView (Feature: #7195)


  Improvement and fixes of scripts, created variables:


  • Change 'Unspecified error' message in Analyse (Feature: #7182)
  • New interview information to be accessible in created variable (Feature: #6825)
  • AND / OR buttons in 'Closed by scripts' to use parentheses (Feature: #7217)
  • Unspecified error when changing var type from {""} to {} (Feature: #7235)
  • Pasting anything other than text into script windows crashes Analyse (Bug: #7236)
  • GetTable("NAME") Cannot loop through different "NAME" (Feature: #7237)
  • Askia script does not always show the correct error (Bug: #7257)
  • GetTable("NAME").MaxY returns unexpected value (Bug: #7234)
  • .SetValue & .SetText returning unexplained difference (Bug: #7239)
  • Improvement of the algorithm to detect circular references with GetTable (Feature: #7248)




  • Ability to select QEW wave(s) before reading the full dataset (Feature: #6717)
  • Persistence of the last waves opened in a QEW file (Feature: #7190)




  • Weighting on multiple (Feature: #7209)
  • Weighting scheme converges in but not (target % changes) (Feature: #7220)




  • Export a set of questions : export to inverted (Feature: #7197)
  • Keyword to return properties of cell(s) where match on cell value (Feature: #7198)
  • Loops of loops : data was not properly read in QES / classic SQL files for sub-levels (Bug: #7247)
  • /invert and /recalculatevariables not working from command line + recalculate all vars <> Modify & OK (Feature: #7207)
  • 64 bit Analyse doesn't all (survey file) tab template set as default (Feature: #7219)


  My Limited View:


  • myView in Analyse (Feature: #6872)
  • Add a profile/clone linked to the question (My Limited View) (Feature: #6573)
  • Added optional background colour for myView (Feature: #6911)
  • Removing an inserted chapter from myView then saving causes a problematic .mlv file (Bug: #7160)


  Tab definition:


  • Use level from row or column question for cross-tab (Feature: #6773)
  • A line is added after a response is dragged into the script (Feature: #6789)
  • Grouping responses : Improvements of UI (Feature: #6792)
  • Advanced Sort on responses did not work if no column question was selected (Feature: #6986)




  • New calculation : Average counts (Feature: #6797)
  • Average number of responses : Advanced options not maintained (Bug: #6886)
  • 25 percentile doesn't return correctly for crossed calc (Bug: #7049)
  • Calculation arithmetics : delayed run (Feature: #6892)


  Sig test:


  • Col-sig written in the wrong column for total (Bug: #6899)
  • GetColSigLetter() returns number when appears like a stat calc (Bug: #7175)
  • Sig Frequency by Script was not calculating correctly in some cases (Bug: #7080)
  • Student test with high degrees of freedom gives incorrect results (Bug: #7014)
  • Issue with calculation captions and ColSig letter not showing correctly (back compatibility?) (Bug: #6832)


  Variable creation:


  • Improvements to grouped responses variables (Feature: #6018)
  • Adding a quota question for Analyse and Vista (Feature: #6913)
  • Calculated variable by dictionary problem (Bug: #6794)
  • 64 bit Analyse : Weighting issues (Bug: #6846)




  • Analyse
  • Improvement in TOC : add columns to take different keywords and give header title (Feature: #6271)
  • Added export to Excel when viewing data (including headers) (Feature: #6921)
  • Indents for groups
  • inconsistency between versions of Excel (Bug: #5531)
  • Export to Excel from View > Data not working (Bug: #6925)




  • Running a portfolio : two new options to measure and improve speed (Feature: #6803)
  • Improved table of contents for portfolio(Header/captions modification) (Feature: #6817)
  • Table Of Contents : keyword table not working (Bug: #6818)
  • Table of contents setting from Analyse options no longer gives links the name of tables (Bug: #7027)


  Aggregated script:


  • Aggregated script : FilterByXY and waves problems (Bug: #6804)
  • FilterByX and FilterByY problems not take in account the universe as defined by columns in the total (Bug: #7017)
  • Running cleaning script after populating Cell(1,1) (Bug: #7028)
  • CurrentCell.Row.Index and CurrentCell.Row.Question incorrect (Bug: #7035)




  • Undo & Redo functionality in Analyse (Feature: #5643)
  • Conflict with alternative shortcut (Feature: #6795)
  • Numeric loops in new SQL format were not properly ready by analyse (Feature: #6878)
  • Added optional parameters to CvDKNA (Feature: #6919)
  • Question, response & calc properties : level appears blank on reopening (Bug: #6838)
  • Column Suppression Query (Bug: #6841)
  • 64 bit Analyse : Adding calculated q removes calculated q previously present on reopening (Bug: #6902)
  • Shift in columns when question total asked and the total column is not requested for a given calculation (Bug: #6910)
  • $$question$$ was not working with free numeric questions in Analyse (Bug: #6920)
  • Multivariate : specificity bug aka the Romania bug (Bug: #6922)
  • Overflow error in the calculation of weighting efficiency if number of interviews > 6553">65536 (Bug: #6932)
  • Formatting of the questions are not saved in Profils (Bug: #7002)
  • Some registry settings were only read once the first QES was opened (Bug: #7016)
  • Copy Paste problem in latest analyse 5.3.5 (Bug: #7023)
  • Calculated response shifts calculation arithmetic calc results (Bug: #7185)


  Crash analyse solved:


  • Change question or response caption in rows/cols/edge then ‘undo’ crashes Analyse (Bug: #6837)
  • Setting sub-pop on portfolio (globally) crashes Analyse (Bug: #6840)
  • Undo button crashes Analyse (Bug: #6844)
  • Analyse crash when using Filter or Weight on a column that does not have a question (Bug: #7033)
  • Crash when script encountered total row (Bug: #7179)


  • Implementation of Responses in Question object (Feature: #6722)
  • Analyse Suppression Issues (Bug: #6692)
  • ‘Use unweighted base’ in col sig with no weighting selected causes test results to disappear (Bug: #6696)
  • Incorrect results when using Script with base on flat counts with custom settings (Bug: #6709)
  • Crash when using script with base on a question in a higher level that the question in the script (Bug: #6710)
  • Problem with Treat edges individually and column suppression (Bug: #6718)
  • Analyse 3-way suppression not functioning correctly (+ degree of discrepancy effected by inversion) (Bug: #6733)
  • Created variable: Closed by Scripts Window Reduces (Bug: #6739)
  • No Back Compatibility of Max/Min Keywords With < Analyse 5.3.5.X (Bug: #6742)


  • Table arithmetic (Feature: #6026)
  • Table arithmetic: allow to do it on stats (Feature: #6542)/ (Feature: #1364)
  • Table arithmetic: {1} no longer used (Feature: #6490)
  • Calculated responses and Edges (Feature: #2943)
  • Calculated responses to pick up custom settings of constituent codes (Feature: #6473)
  • Calculated response using 'Base' keyword stops working after column with Base of 0 encountered (Bug: #6596)
  • Scripts and Aggregated Calculations (Feature: #6025)
  • Keywords in Analyse for aggregated calculations (Feature: #5927)
  • Calculated question in surf (Feature: #5143)
  • Template settings: Blank table suppression without blank row or column suppression. (Feature: #5467)
  • Paste captions functionality in Analyse (Feature: #6272)
  • Write calculated into QES removed (Feature: #6530)
  • Options to name the banner intervals (Feature: #6568)
  • Ability to save multivariate analysis (Feature: #6149)
  • RLM : Impossible to save the model + empty log (Bug: #5592)
  • Word cloud
  • save as image problem: white background around each word (Bug: #6038)
  • Incorrect Edge Total in Analyse (Bug: #6606)
  • Analyse crashes with Mean calculations in loops when the number of records in a lower level is inferior to the number of interviews. (Bug: #6612)


  • Test Value calculation for numerical variable (Feature: #4969)
  • Significancy test
  • Option to include unweighted base (all other columns/all other rows) (Feature: #5263)
  • Calculated response in col to work with custom settings on calculations (Feature: #6506)
  • Added new settings "Show stats calculation" (Feature: #6513)
  • Certain keywords return nonsensical results in calculated questions (Feature: #6528)
  • Added test value to understand what's the calculation behind numeric significance (Feature: #6534)
  • Col-sig options added new test against option (Feature: #6535)
  • Crosstab empty tables (Feature: #6551)
  • Additional column when we have only statistics in simple calculation (Bug: #3616)
  • 3 way suppression suppresses the calculated response in column incorrectly (Bug: #6404)
  • 3 way suppression doesn't hide if ALL items in the variable are supposed to be suppressed (Bug: #6418)
  • Error when creating calculated variable IP address (Bug: #6522)
  • Analysis options in Multivariate Analysis mode (Bug: #6541)
  • Suppression with 'Run broken tabs independently' option produces odd table (Bug: #6549) (13/03/2015)


  • Col sig letters not displayed in some cases (Feature: #6472)
  • 3-way suppression not functioning correctly / labelling cleared (Bug: #6451)
  • Sharing violation error messages occurring for inverted data sets (with non-admin users) (Bug: #6450)
  • Analyse: Chapters were not recognised as different in the command line export (Bug: #6449)
  • Analyse: Indentation under a chapter in portfolio causes command line to hang (Bug: #6425)


  • Calculated responses to work in columns in conjunction with stats calcs in rows (Feature: #6401)
  • Nesting egdes with option one edge per page causes crash (Bug: #6402)
  • Failure to recalculate and/or invert large .qew set-ups correctly. (Bug: #6409)
  • Incorrect variable referenced in portfolio, advanced sort, calculated variable etc. (Bug: #6430)
  • Data in edges not being totalled correctly sometimes (Bug: #6432)




  • Grouped responses introduce discrepancy in Average # responses calculation (or calculated response) (Bug: #6182)
  • V5 and V6 not showing data for the total by row and total by question for the Arithmetic calculation by script (Bug: #6238)
  • Standard Error calculation appears wrong but ... (Bug: #6248)
  • Median and percentile incorrect (Bug: #6252)
  • Script (mean) calculation stopped working in conjunction with calculated responses (Bug: #6303)
  • New calculation: correlation (Feature: #6233)
  • Median and percentile: interpolation (Feature: #6278) Tab template:
  • Cascade headers option for edge in Analyse (nested vraiable) (Feature: #6020)
  • Ability to nest top and side of tables similar to Desktop Reporter (Feature: #6086)
  • Two new universes for question tables (Feature: #6204)
  • Advanced sort for script count & frequency does not have script and base windows available (Bug: #6119)
  • Conditional formatting disappears when you select 'Hide this calculation...' option (Bug: #6335)
  • Calculation captions not visible (Bug: #6383) Significancy tests:
  • Add % across option to col sig advanced options
  • Part 2 (Feature: #6173)
  • Sig test options stored in variable/profile (Feature: #6023)
  • New Analyse Col Sig setting: "Test columns against their edge totals" (Feature: #6176)


  Export tables:


  • Option for Excel Export: One edge per sheet (Feature: #5673)
  • Conditional formatting and word export (Bug: #6174)
  • Mismatch between two export types (Bug: #6115)
  • Export to Excel: more options on the creation of a new sheet (Feature: #6104)
  • Export to Word: left alignment was not always working (Feature: #6279)




  • Upper cases for words in Cloud (Feature: #6099)
  • Open-ended dictionary: new options (Feature: #6218)




  • Weighting: added weighting efficiency in the report (Feature: #6281)
  • Verify inversion: skips surveys with no data in QES (Feature: #6369)
  • Crash when calculated variables create infinite loops (Feature: #6134)
  • Improvement of inverted data format (Feature: #6178)
  • Add variable name to the error message when problem re-calculating variables (Feature: #6301)
  • Analyse 64 did not read other languages on a QES file (Feature: #6366)
  • Improvement of speed of reading QEW (Feature: #6367)
  • Improvement of HasNone (Feature: #6368)
  • Correlation Matrix: add a table with counts (Feature: #6065)
  • Write data into new variable crashes Analyse (Bug: #6172)
  • Grouped values variable allows saving duplicate name (Bug: #6341)
  • Analyse 64 creates wrong indexes for table AFW recode uses for grouping and change level recodes (Bug: #6345)
  • Calculated question by superposition: recalculate all does not update captions (Bug: #6333)


  • Column Significativity (% and Mean) to be renamed (Feature: #5305)
  • More options on average number of responses for multiple (Feature: #6138)
  • More information on inversion failing (Feature: #6140)
  • Error messages for calculated variables in Analyse (Feature: #6151)
  • Reuse existing list was not saved in "Find all values" calculated variables (Feature: #6152)
  • Display name of calculated variable that generates error (Feature: #6153)
  • Sliding dates: recalculate all variables problem (Bug: #5925)
  • Script mean shows "e" instead of decimal place (Bug: #6117)
  • Bug on grouping numeric in Analyse (Bug: #6120)
  • Created variable => By crossing two questions causes crash or incorrect data (Bug: #6150)
  • Radar with markers error message on 64bit Version of Analyse (Bug: #6154)
  • Multivariate Analysis Mode Crashes (Bug: #6163)
  • Analyse Crashes when calculated variables use “Non visible variable in Analyse” (Bug: #6164)
  • Multivariate anaysis: Remove interviews with missing data (Bug: #6232)


  • 3 way suppression did not work with numeric question in rows without interval (Feature: #6040)
  • Average number of responses calculation has no effect for flat counts (Feature: #6084)
  • Customise the available calculations in the tab definition (Feature: #6093)
  • Use unweighted base in col sig options crashes Analyse on portfolio save (Bug: #6055)
  • Advanced sort with numeric questions doesn’t work if suppression is ticked (Bug: #6083)
  • Average number of responses calculation gives incorrect result (Bug: #6125)


  • Average number of responses calculation (Feature: #5736,#5799)
  • Options on analyse behaviour when encountering an unknown named tab-template in a portfolio (Feature: #5804)
  • Command Line - Analyse not open on screen but runs in background. Require it to open and show stages. (Feature: #5923)
  • Ignore “Visible in analyse” settings for questions (Feature: #5949)
  • Surf: inheritance problem when volume is inserted (Feature: #5984)
  • Weighting : Target more than 1 000 000 are rounded by analyse (Bug: #5684)
  • Table numbering incorrect after weighting change on portfolio (Bug: #5759)
  • One tab for every response in edge option removes sub-pop applied to edge variable or codes - produces incorrect data (Bug: #5924)
  • Median and percentile incorrect (Bug: #5933)
  • Export sub-population to inverted: crash on semi-opens (Bug: #5963)
  • Row suppression relies on column suppression also being selected in 5.3.3.x (Bug: #5977)
  • Creation of sliding date variable crashes Analyse (Bug: #5978)
  • Free numerics and selected responses universe: another problem (Bug: #5992)
  • Analyse: First count in base row is repeated once and shifts other bases along to the right by one (Bug: #5996)
  • Analyse: Base in results tab differs from counts when portfolio export (Bug: #5997)
  • Table borders incorrectly render on export to Excel (Bug: #6041)


  • Template settings: Blank table suppression without blank row or column suppression.(Feature: #5467)
  • Create a sub-population for each response - Prefix (Feature: #5690)
  • Option to calculate quartiles (Feature: #5744)
  • New option to run Analyse from the command line using current settings (Feature: #5795)
  • Add % across option to col sig advanced options (Feature #5800)
  • Script: mean by script: Col-sig is available (Feature: #5801)
  • Options on analyse behaviour when encountering an unknown named tab-template in a portfolio (Feature: #5804)
  • New tests options for numeric col-sig: Anova (Feature: #5807)
  • New stats for numeric question: percentile (Feature: #5808)
  • Calculated variables: calculation just in time (Feature: #5815)
  • Standardisation of shortcuts for question tables (Feature: #5822)
  • Export to a subpopulation and excluding questions (Feature: #5869)
  • Export subpopulation to inverted: possibility to specify which question are needed (Feature: #5883)
  • sig and colsig are not displayed when we use column significativity (for means) (Bug: #5149)
  • Analyse creates an extra response for the sliding date variable (Bug: #5565)
  • TabsML : The Column significativity letters are not exported for Mean (Bug: #5676)
  • Modifying the label of a code in a grouped variable doesn’t recall the new label next time the grouped variable is modified (Bug: #5777)
  • Group Values : Subtotal wrong (Bug: #5812)
  • Rounding errors when calculating standard deviation (Bug: #5830)
  • Unweighted base not showing correctly in weighted tables (Bug: #5855)
  • Sig testing not showing when all rows have a different filter (Bug: #5868)


  • Numeric col sig: intermediary results visible in debug file (Feature: #5787)
  • The variables inverted are not recalculated properly on qew file (based on level) (Bug: #5577)
  • Sub-population is not applied on created variable ‘By superposing questions’ (Bug: #5732)
  • Calculated response: a few bugs in (Bug: #5784)


  Export Excel:


  • Excel, word, ppt button export (Feature: #1344)
  • Export to Excel directly from Results view (Feature: #5036)
  • PARAMETERS EXCEL EXPORT (Feature: #1354)
  • Excel export: Moved limitation of 32000 rows per sheet to 65535 (Feature: #2321)
  • Option to create Index (TOC) with hyperlink when exporting to Excel (Feature: #5001,#1361)


  Dictionary and Word clouds:


  • Word clouds (Feature: #3857)
  • “Group” function not finished for open-ended (dictionary) analysis (Feature: #5000)
  • Export word cloud as an image (Feature: #5282)
  • Dictionary : Group selection not active (Bug: #4399)


  Numeric : DK management, Change factors and Universe


  • Universe and numeric questions (Feature: #5632)
  • Access to the base Type on Analyse Interface : for all questions closed and Numeric (Feature: #4882)
  • DK Base type : Numeric and Closed questions (Feature: #5147)
  • Answering base and DK for Numeric Question (Bug: #4738)
  • Change the factors for a free numeric question (Feature: #5622)
  • Analyse: Odd behaviour with factors not sticking when saving a portfolio (Bug: #5589)




  • View the entry code in the base description -bottom left window + order by on columns (Feature: #5501)
  • Shortcut for “Send to edges” is Alt+E in English (Feature: #5582)
  • Search menu: added right clicks, shortcuts for sending to rows, cols and edges, and Locate (Feature: #5583)


  New calculations/ calculated question:


  • New calculations by script: counts and percentage (Feature: #5402)
  • Mention rate in the crossed table (Feature: #2942, #5397">5397)
  • Keyword for long caption+Keyword for Short Caption + Keyword for Shortcut : To be displayed in the treeview or in Tab definition (Feature: #3962)
  • Analyse: Insert bands of size x using range A to B (Feature: #5534)
  • Test : Wilcoxon’s Rank Sum Test (Feature: #5527)
  • Calculated question: added longitude and latitude (Feature: #5626)
  • The Significativity column Test are applied now on custome parameters (Feature: #5624,#4561)


  Tab definition:


  • Simplify general tab in analyse (Feature: #5588)
  • Calculation properties: the dialog box is now modeless (Feature: #5398)
  • Analyse: Option to make Tab templates read only (Feature: #5642)
  • Improvement on row / column suppression (Feature: #5737)




  • Import definitions from another survey (Feature: #5650)
  • New sql format is read now in analyse (Feature: #5434)
  • Display number of days left on license (Feature: #5470)
  • Analyse for 64 bits (Feature: #5512)
  • Calculation captions or column order letters don’t appear in the edge total column + Show row / question totals with counts instead of % (Feature: #5540)
  • Recalculating variables: there is a slider indicating the progression (Feature: #5590)
  • Askia Analyse (and AskiaAPI) would freeze if a qew did not have any volume (Feature: #5604)
  • Analyse splash screen no longer topmost (Feature: #5605)
  • Surf files pointing to new SQL format are properly read in Analyse (Feature: #5625)
  • Chart-Legend Vertical align issue (Bug: #4699)
  • Export a set of question can cause data lose in extra level (Bug: #5422)
  • Option : Use Existing Sub-Population is now applied (Bug: #5425)
  • Crash with surf files when merging a multiple question into a single question (Bug: #5519)
  • Analyse unresponsive when recalculating variables (Bug: #5535)
  • Strange behaviour with col sig in loop summary table using custom settings in columns (Bug: #5557)
  • The variables inverted are not recalculated properly on qew file (based on level) (Bug: #5577)
  • The entry codes are not displayed properly when we have missing entry codes (Bug: #5608)
  • Analyse: ‘Create the sub-pop if it doesn’t exist’ not working unless re-open Analyse + option to stop portfolios being run if sub-pop / question undefined (Bug: #5616)
  • The entry code is used as response number (instead of the order code ) (Bug: #5647)
  • Sub population not applied at all on multivariate analysis (Bug: #5729)
  • Blank Column / Row Suppression not working on loop summary table (Bug: #5733)
  • Multivariate analysis: The changes on sub population, weighted are applied now (Bug: #5734)


  • Export a sub-population to inverted: bug when missing questions (Bug: #5396)
  • Creation of variable : Find all values on numeric question creates an empty code –999999,99 (Bug: #5427)
  • Created variable by script : Find all values , doesn’t show correct items (Bug: #5465)
  • Copy / Paste structure wrong (Bug: #5438)
  • Significancy by column : Option both columns corrected (Bug: #5453)
  • Median use weighted results (Bug: #5261)
  • Temporary Sub population saved not properly (Bug: #5510)


  • Calculated variables: recalculation from the command line stores result in DB and not in .dat directory (Feature: #5389)
  • Advanced sort / column suppression (Bug: #5349)
  • Calculated variables and surf: possible crash when variables are not recalculated (Bug: #5352)


  • Incorrect break of long tables if flat calculation as a new row at the end of a table (Feature: #5343)


  • Refresh the combo box sub population in tab definition, when we create a sub population for each response (Feature: #1412)
  • Refresh list of sub-populations on drop-down (Feature: #4998)
  • Sub-populations and universes are shown in alphabetical order (Feature: #5211)
  • Keyword to refer to the entrycode %E as %c %v (Feature: #2291)
  • Feature request. New key word : RLC, RSC, RS, L (Feature: #4999)
  • RT one more shortcut to indicate the question type (Feature: #5183)
  • Read Semi open when data stored in SQL (Feature: #2683)
  • Added new keyword for khi2 test (Feature: #3900)
  • Add command line options : Export a sub-population to inverted (Feature: #5162)
  • Add new command lines : Recalculate all variables / Write data into new variable (Feature: #5195)
  • Export SP to inverted: options to include calculated variables (Feature: #5248)
  • Recalculation of variables: improvement of process (Feature: #5168)
  • Surf files: merging and deletion of loop items (Feature: #5169)
  • Improved cloning (all questionnaire with mention Resp / Non respondent could be run automatically) (Feature: #5180)
  • Excel export: Add centre footer as additional row (Feature: #5181)
  • Memory management and performance improvement when changing level of variables (Feature: #5193)
  • Drag and drop of responses on custom settings to create a sub-population (Feature: #5206)
  • Closed colsig: improvement of formulae and debug functions (Feature: #5258)
  • Calculated question: added possibility to create question on call-count, last call result, last call sub result and revision (Feature: #5259)
  • Calculated questions: find all values - Reuse existing list (Feature: #5297)
  • Conditional formating is not executed on statistics (mean) (Bug: #1390)
  • Group values : Numeric : Insert interval becomes Multi coded (Bug: #4533)
  • Semi-open responses in SQL aren’t counted (Bug: #4593)
  • Copy-Paste structure does not allow the custom setting on caption %V%c (Bug: #4683)
  • Median - use weighted results (Bug: #5261)
  • Wave Order (Bug: #5266)
  • Exporting a set of questions: maximum number of responses > 200 (Bug: #5292)


  • Incorrect stats when using a “Group value” question (Bug: #5262)


  • Crash when more than one cross calculation with total on edges (Bug: #5175)


  • Open question Possibility to group value like for numerical question (Feature: #1389)
  • New calculated question: single by script (Feature: #3757)
  • Non latin characters read correctly , in check base and tab definition (Bug: #1351)
  • When we open a portfolio instead of opening a qes. Analyse fail.Add a message to open first a qes (Bug: #1397)
  • Error message during the data invertion when the question is empty (Bug: #1538)
  • Automatic update of the inverted data (Bug: #4069)
  • Be able to change the level of one calculation (Bug: #5117)
  • Numeric Significance: wrong result with mutiple questions (Bug: #5160)
  • Col-sig: correction of formulae on closed colssig (Bug: #5161)


  • Apply question structure in cloning (Bug: #3924)
  • Merging of merging of responses may cause problem in Surf (Bug: #5129)
  • Bug: Export a sub-population from surf as inverted data file (Bug: #5135)


  • Numeric questions in a loop can’t be used - v5.3.1 (Bug: #4990)


  • Changes to response properties of numeric do not save consistently (Bug: #4906)
  • Line/ text split on row labels (Bug: #4954)


  • Multivariate Analyse : Menu Translation in french (Feature: #4245)
  • Col-sig: specify which columns are tested (Feature: #4307)
  • Calculation number formatting: new option (Feature: #4316)
  • Options on table of contents (Feature: #4387)
  • Analyse 5.3 View Data window should resize (Feature: #4443)
  • New calculation: effective base (Feature: #4492)
  • TabsML: export (Feature: #4516)
  • TabsML: export from the command line (Feature: #4522)
  • Calculation only in question total section (Feature: #4532)
  • Correlation Matrix : Base for calculation (Feature: #4555)
  • Clearer dialog when offering to save a template in the library or in the qes file (Feature: #4613)
  • Opening old portfolios: what to do when the profiles or the tab-templates have changed (Feature: #4614)
  • Define a QES tab-template as a default (Feature: #4615)
  • Inversion from the command line uses a temp directory (Feature: #4616)
  • Custom title to appear in the table of contents (Feature: #4655)
  • Access to the short caption and the long caption on the same tab (Feature: #4658)
  • Col-sig: message on probability levels sig (Feature: #4664)
  • Better Control on the formatting options of questions and responses (Feature: #4677)
  • Export of a sub-population: new options (Feature: #4678)
  • Write into existing / new variable for inverted database (Feature: #4692)
  • Export a set of questions: IDS of questions are preserved (Feature: #4696)
  • Export to ASCII delimited from the command line (Feature: #4715)
  • Typology : Incorrect Translation in FR (Bug: #4281)
  • Offset of cells (Bug: #4415)
  • Fixed table of contents in portfolio (Bug: #4434)
  • Calculation with scripts with multiple LSWU settings per response (Bug: #4509)
  • Calculated question on duration: some questions were counted twice (Bug: #4528)
  • Problem Write data into a new variable when using a variable created by change level (Bug: #4646)
  • Calculated variable (closed) - Script evaluated another level - no data in that level (Bug: #4670)
  • French_Translation menu (Bug: #4702)
  • Typology : 5.3.1 Doesn’t work (Bug: #4704)
  • Translation : Multivariate analysis (Bug: #4705)
  • Double question marks in shortcuts - side effects (Bug: #4740)
  • Selection of a question by the first letters… fixed bug (Bug: #4751)




  • create a calculated variable (Feature: #3864)
  • col sig on weighted % and unweighted counts (Feature: #4262)
  • Column Significativity…. on rows (Feature: #4306)
  • Numeric calculations after a numeric col sig are not displayed (Feature: #4382)
  • Significance: only display + instead of +++ (Feature: #4383)
  • Logos were alway on the right when they were meant to be centered in the header / footer (Feature: #4384)
  • If the Center header is a bitmap, the center footer is not displayed (Feature: #4386)
  • Removal of ?? references from Shortcut in tree view (Bug: #4380)


  • ADD Calulate the correlation coefficient 2 X 2 (Feature: #1410)
  • Analyse (Feature: #2629)
  • Correlation Matrix in V5 (Feature: #2811)
  • Date questions were not inverted by analyse (Feature: #4266)
  • Principal Component Analysis (Feature: #4267)
  • create variable from interview information
  • Agent compatible for SQL data (Feature: #2194)


  • create variable from interview information - Agent compatible for SQL data (Feature: #2194)
  • Values for means when duplicate modalities created (Feature: #2194)
  • Copy and paste factor values for modalities (Feature: #4217)
  • Provide an option so chapters and levels are closed when opening a survey (Feature: #4219)
  • Improvement of dialog for opening a field task (Feature: #4226)


  • Askia Analyse - Exporting to Excel 07 (Feature: #2391)
  • Add “Mode” as a calculation option (Feature: #3661)
  • Total at the end of tab with stats (Feature: #4025)
  • total on edge (Feature: #4062)
  • New options on col sig: test All columns of edge response (Feature: #4067)
  • Total for question (Feature: #4114)
  • analysis crash with the column significativity (Feature: #4127)
  • Options for ColSig: “Do col-sig” for responses and test again “current question and first question” (Feature: #4161)
  • Inversion from the command line does not work for a surf file (Feature: #4165)
  • New command line option for inversion /verifyinvert (Feature: #4166)
  • Col-sig testing: when using “all cols of the question and the corresponding response edge”, the edge total was not tested against (Feature: #4167)
  • Total question false (Bug: #1920)
  • significance corresponding question edge (Bug: #3611)
  • Conditional formatting was not displayed on ranking in flat counts (Bug: #4093)
  • run a portfolio from the command line (Feature: #3047)



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