Fix CodeMirror errors in Design and Analyse

Fix CodeMirror errors in Design and Analyse


Design and Analyse both use CodeMirror for the scripting features including the intellisense, when using AskiaScript.

You may encounter an error referring to CodeMirror when trying to open up the Condition in Design or when creating Sub-populations or Calculated questions by script. Below is a list of things to check to fix the problem with CodeMirror:

1. Make sure the correct path is set for the library in Options > Settings : Local Library Path. It should refer to your library file (biblio.bib in Design and AnalyseLib.mdb in Analyse) normally located in: C:\ProgramData\Askia\.

2. Make sure the HTML generation temp directory field is not empty, and the AskiaWeb Scripts Path is pointing at your Scripts directory in C:\ProgramData\Askia\


If the problem is still present, and your file is on your network and not your local computer. It may be your Internet settings. To fix it go to  Internet explorer > Settings > Internet options > Security > Trusted sites > Sites > then add your network address (e.g. "\\MyNetworkServer\"):


You may get this error about https:// prefix, but you need to uncheck the "Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone" option.

You would need to do this for all network servers you may access Qex/Qes files from.

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