Version Histories : AskiaField

Version Histories : AskiaField



5.5.3 (January 2020 - Short term support)


  • Added extra API functions to search for interviews globally by telephone/email, and easily delete/edit them.
  • Added support for several extra API functions for AskiaFace integration (to replace AskiaFieldAPI.ocx): Add/update an interview using a dat-file or xml-file.
  • Added support for several extra API functions for CodeIT integration: Get/Update interview data for specific questions in bulk
  • Added support for extra API function to add auditing event on accessing encrypted data externally
  • Added support for extra API function to add auditing event on modifying data externally
  • Added support for STARTTLS when mailing
  • Added option to disable schedules when duplicating a list
  • Added extra statistics when sending emails


5.5.2 (May 2019 - Long term Support)


  • Added logon script on inbound/outbound group.
  • When an agent logs in (or switches to a group) this vbscript will be executed on the CATI machine.
  • Replaced SpeechService by SpeechAPI


  • Extra survey data could be sent to the wrong socket when the survey was not ready
  • Possible query timeout on update DNC hashes when lots of lists use the same list as DNC list
  • Encryption keys not set when creating a new survey until CCA is restarted


5.5.1 (January 2019 - No Longer supported)


  • Refactoring of SpeechService communication
  • All indexes on the statistics tables are now rebuilt each time the statistics thread starts
  • All indexes on the list tables are now rebuilt each time the list thread starts (for each list)
  • Added separate path for anonymized recordings
  • Added option to repeat scheduled jobs
  • Added support for Speech Quality Estimation (aka SQE) on all speech jobs
  • Block panel interviews on web if prio is 0 or mode is telephony (#7801)
  • Added defaults for quota settings (#7883)


  • Fix: restriction check preventing deletion of a speechjoblink
  • Fix: Allowed modules were not saved for new restrictions
  • Fix: Restrictions could not be deleted using the CCA user interface
  • Fix: Added XML escaping for a supervisor log item.
  • Fix: New list with DNC with more then 10000 numbers causes and SQL error and blocks.
  • Fix: missing setting when reconnecting to statistics table
  • Fix: wrong over callback value in quota availability screen
  • Fix: wrong agent skill value during import task
  • Fix: completed count when a contact is recovered and the interview is restarted


5.4.10 (June 2018 - Not released)



  • Improvements to 'focus on task'
  • Changed type of external call ID (on call statistics) from integer to text
  • Added find call condition for external call ID
  • Display external call ID on call details
  • Moved 'filter view' button from 'view' category to context categories for alarms/recordings/messages
  • In the web connections view, the web connections are expanded automatically showing the running interviews
  • Statistics actions are now generated in Statistic_SupervisorActions when quota are modified


Bug fixes

  • Reporting error when SQL connection language is set to German
  • Fixed issue with corrupt supervisor socket
  • Fix when non-numeric value is used as numeric parameter in find contact
  • Fixed removal of all running reports of a supervisor



5.4.9 (March 2018 - Long term support)


  • List fields can now be encrypted
  • Azure support: Statistics thread will now close after 5 minutes idle time
  • Azure support: Statistics thread will close the database connection after 15 seconds idle time
  • Azure support: Main database thread will now close after 5 minutes idle time
  • Azure support: Main database thread will close the database connection after 15 seconds idle time
  • A minimum percentage of fresh calls for a list can now be specified
  • Linked servers (to run reports which access databases on multiple servers) will now only be created if they are potentially needed


5.4.8 (November 2017 - No longer supported)


  • Notify speechservices when a recoring is deleted
  • Send task, contact list, agent, web connection, job and location object state updates to CcaApi
  • Removed option for CCA or Supervisor to run reports locally
  • You can use multiple databases for List-, Survey-, and CTScript data
    • These database connection configurations can be configured using the API and Supervisor, not in CCA
    • The original general settings for the connection strings were removed
  • The agent restriction can now be specified when importing a task package
  • Added support for survey data encryption
    • Extra setting on survey to configure which questions to encrypt
    • Extra restriction for directly accessing survey data
  • Anonymization of annotations
  • Find annotations based on job id, start time and end time
  • Send actual result of FNDANO API requests
  • Changes to general settings & logging settings for files & folders:
    • The path can now contain environment variables like %programdata%
    • Any non-absolute path starting with a \ will be looked for in the new 'working directory' setting
    • Any non-existing directories in a file/directory path will be created (except for setup paths, which are created by the setup)
  • Qex file of more than 75 MB will be refused when creating or updating task


  • Hide cati-to-web button on AskiaClient when email template isn't configured
  • Update task lost when making no changes on re-edit after warning
  • Error when updating default survey after updating default survey in CCA interface
  • Refresh data in find/edit contact after updating field value
  • Timezone field of type text not updated when changing value on linked task field
  • No update task error message when adding an import to a survey with incompatible list
  • Find annotations now checks restrictions
  • fix to calculate quota category on textual entry code
  • Replace [Temp] with Cca temp directory instead of global temp directory
  • Quota mapping for numeric range containing -99999,99 included DK responses
  • Prevent add/delete subresults for appointments


5.4.7 (August 2017 - No longer supported)


  • Open appointment properties by double-clicking the appointment in appointment view on task
  • Create an appointment for all (non-completed) contacts in find/edit contact. This includes appointments for unused contacts or contacts for which the last call result was not 'appointment'. Remarks:
    • Regular callback options still apply (over callback won't be called, priority 0 won't be called, etc.) When changing such a manual appointment, the callback script will be re-evaluated.
    • Regular quota behavior still applies: manual appointments will be counted in quota depending on their priority, etc.
    • These appointments will be displayed in all appointment dialogs as usual
    • These manual appointments can be deleted as well
    • Important to know: if you create a manual appointment and delete it again, the contact will still be considered as having had an appointment. This means it will have a higher priority, will have reduced callback times, etc.
  • Import initial appointments from an external list. To achieve this you need to configure the fields to import this data in the 'external data details' dialog. Remarks:
    • You can import the time (UTC), agent, message and importance
    • These appointments behave the same as if they were set manually on find/edit contact
    • If these values are changed manually afterwards, these changes will be lost on 'update with external data' of any appointment field
  • Added support for various API functions:
    • Lists - call now / cancel call now
    • Lists - set priority
    • Lists - set field
    • Lists - get/set/delete appointment
    • Lists - update with external data
    • Lists - find contact


  • Fix: Find contact doesn't show bigint values correctly on Supervisor
  • Fix sending mails with bounce detection enabled
  • Improved statistics on mail query in list monitor
  • Check if task id from the contact matches with the id from the survey
  • Fix in recalculating quota category for multi-coded questions
  • Fixed memory issue when creating FindCall and FindAnnotation queries



5.4.6 (June 2017 - No longer supported)

  • Features
    • Added 'permanent authentication tokens' for use by the API This allows the API to be used without logging in.
    • Added new keywords for mail templates: [ccaDoPanelEncryptedLink] and [ccaDoPanelPrettyLink]
  • Fixes
    • Joblink updates will also update related jobs
    • Fixed memory leak when CCA is unable to connect to CTArchitect (+/- 1 MB per minute). This occurs while the message Connecting to CTArchitect is displayed, both during startup of CCA and during reconnect after the CTArchitect connection is lost.
    • Fixed several issues and inconsistencies regarding the SQL Server credential page of the installer scripts:
      • The wizard page clearly shows which credentials are being specified (application or setup).
      • The correct credentials are now used during the setups for database creation, database list lookup, and update script execution.
      • A few annoyances are fixed when navigating back to the credentials pages.
    • Fixed issues with file upload using IMPSTA command
    • Fixed wrong default object restriction check in FindCall
    • Issue with reset state of default VBScript and CTScript object
    • Fix for wrong telephone number associated to Predictive call (e.g. under Contact in CallDetails). The wrong CcaCallID ("-1") was returned by Cca to CTArchitect in command PDLGNN. Bug introduced in (23/05/2014).


5.4.5 (February 2017 - Not Released)


  • Show {anyone} instead of {none} when selecting an agent in 'call now'
  • When an interview has been marked as incomplete (in modify interview), restart the interview from the beginning
  • Start web interview anywhere
  • Delete interview on WebProd when it's deleted on CCA
  • Process speech job based on language annotation
  • Extra debugging
    • On start/stop list
    • On start/stop schedule
    • On init list thread
  • Added lightweight REST API to monitor process
  • Added hard/soft bounced emails distinction (soft bounced emails can be resent)
  • Added support for new 'delete recording' API function
  • Added email field for survey feedback
  • Switched AskiaWeb socket to unicode
  • Added extra restrictions on anonymization
  • FindCall now includes calls with CallId equal to FirstCallId


5.4.4 (November 2016 - No longer supported)

  • Features
    • Allow agents to remove themselves from any outbound activity (managed through restrictions)
    • Configurable timeout for survey threads
    • Added restriction for deletion of recordings
    • Added appointment statistics
    • SMTP & POP3 passwords are stored encrypted in database
    • Added check that pause isn't used in restriction before it can be deleted
    • Added possibility for users to provide feedback for web surveys. This option can be enabled in the survey properties (for web surveys only) The feedback is currently only stored in the statistics database.
    • Speech jobs can now be scheduled (only through API)
    • Survey data can now be anonymized depending on supervisor restrictions and survey settings
    • Added 'find/edit contacts' link on list monitor
    • List monitor now contains details for 'blanks'
  • Performance
    • Socket for agent monitoring is moved to seperate thread to improve connection handling
    • Only active inboundgroup memberships are now sent to CATI
  • Fixes
    • Fix milliseconds precision in some edge cases during xmlSerialization
    • Fix in serialization of creation and modification date of a jobinstance
    • Check if the updated Web or SLA object is a conflicting object
    • Using the API, it's no longer possible to update an object that was marked as deleted
    • Fixed possible deleting of wrong joblink when updating a speechjob
    • Fixed possible timezone offset deserialization error
    • Fixed crash when a job is finished
    • Fixed isCompleted value when notifying API of new interview


5.4.0 (January 2016 - No Longer Supported)

  • From now on, the first official release of a track will be x.y.z.1
  • The x.y.z.0 versions are reserved for alpha/beta builds.


  • Major quota overhaul
    • It is now possible to set a minimum and maximum target
    • You can set a target by count or percentage for every quota line (instead of counts or percentage for the entire tree)
    • Quotas on Multi-coded closed questions and Numeric questions
    • You can now group responses, and set a global target
    • You can one or more lines to be completed first. No other quota lines will be called until these lines reach their minimum target
    • The ‘quota is too complex’ limit is gone
    • It is no longer necessary to include skill questions in quota for optimum performance
    • You can allocate quota for web brokers (similar to allocating quota for capi agents)
    • You can include appointments in quota depending on their importance (instead of all or none)
    • The quota can be managed completely through the API
    • Quotas can no longer be managed in CCA - only in Supervisor
    • The new quota management (on supervisor) replaces the ‘survey monitor’, ‘quota availablility’ and ‘define quota’ dialog boxes.
      Hence, these dialogs are no longer available on CCA.
  • The agent location ID and machine name is now also shown in the call details
  • You can now enable socket logging for the agent monitoring service
  • Added option to outbound group properties to enable/disable that manual dialing triggers a new outbound task
  • If an inbound number is dialed where a task is specified and this task has lists (outbound campaign), a dialog is given to find the inbound contact in the outbound list to it to the interview

Quality Changes

  • The auto-deleting of log files now includes the debug files
  • Find/edit contact dialog is no longer modal, so you can still make other actions while the dialog is open
  • Find call dialog is no longer modal, so you can still make other actions while the dialog is open
  • Logging settings window is now smaller (with a scrollbar), so it’s usable on smaller monitors


  • Statistic_Session and Statistic_SupervisorSession now also contain the client’s hostname

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